HI All

I need FSI Information for various cities in India

1) Delhi
2) Mumbai
3) Chennai
4) Hyderabad
5) Bangalore
6) Kolkota

I know they are very area specific. But if you can give me this information or guide me to someone who can provide me this information it would be of great help.
I believe government arm releases FSI information. Does any one knows which one, so that I can contact them for the same.

Thanking in advance

Nikhil Kumar
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  • Hi..

    Actually what you probably need is FAR details and not the FSI because FSI is dependent upon FAR and is not an entity in itself.

    Well as far as Delhi goes, I think FAR for commercial projects is 1.0

    I have heard that there is no FAR limitation in Hyderabad and we only have height restriction, but I need to check on this.

    As far as the rest goes, I am afradi you need to do internet searching.