I am planning to move to US for official work.
I want to lease my flat in India on rent
1. What type of Power of Attorney ( POA) should I create for my parents, so that they can deal with flat renting activity?
2. Is there any specific format for this POA?
3. Is it required to register this POA document in Registrar's office or at any other place?

Pl. let me know.

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  • General power of attorney is good enough!

    If you go to the "writer offices" near subregister office and ask for General power of attorney , they can provide you the standard format. It should be in atleast 20 RS stamp paper and you can use it for many other purpose also. It should be registed in the subregister office. It's just a couple of hour of work :)

    Anyway you can not use this for any loans (even if they say so) ; Banks have their own format.

    Hope this helps