Best City to Live in India?

For a change, let’s stop talking about the real estate developments in our country. We all know what has happened in the last few years and how property prices have shot up.

But what about the quality of life in our cities?

1. Are we getting the best bang for our buck?
2. Is ROI on your money the only important thing?
3. Is there any city that has everything to offer?

Please feel free to provide your feedback.

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  • Don’t we all know the condition of the Indian cities?? :(

    Govt. is doing what they are best at! Finding out as many new avenues on how to add as many commodities into the tax ambit. Whether you run in the gym, or have a snack or get a hair trim; for every little thing, you got to pay a tax. When are they going to start taxing for being fit and even breathe?

    I couldn’t agree more with Osho who said that all this happens for a reason. The government does not want to improve the quality of life of its people, coz if the people started having a good life, they would become wiser and more aware. And with that awareness, they would demand for a better governance and make sure that they make it happen.

    When everyday life is a struggle and it’s a maddening rush, who has the energy left to look into these important areas? Life is just a constant struggle.

    Look at countries like Australia, Singapore and even Dubai.

    Dubai is built on a desert and comprises of 70% Indians who have made the place so livable and prosperous. Governed by the visionary Sheikhs, they knew about their depleting oil reserves, so they got into so many other areas and made full use of the Indian minds and their work force

    Australia is 4-5 times bigger than India and manages so well by such a small population. Go to any small town or a village and you would be surprised to see the quality of roads, footpaths, parks and other facilities. They still have their migration open to so many countries and with 100's of nationalities living in Aus; they continue to maintain those high standards of living.

    None of our governments have cared for its people. I read it somewhere, when the British left India, one of their senior generals said that this country will be ruled by the mobs.
  • Isn’t that true?

    We cannot keep blaming the people and the population. It’s the government that does not want anything to change. Systems have become more corrupt and the educated class has no say.

    When it comes to votes, a bottle of cheap liquor and a blanket does the job so who needs you, my friend?

    Surprisingly they have the best brains to collect the taxes. But when it comes to utilizing these taxes, they simply don't care.

    We are paying 100% more for cars than what we would pay in developed countries. What for? Your favorite imported cheese or biscuits are double the price. Is this protection for the domestic industries or just looting the people?

    The politicians have become so shameless. They drive around in expensive cars; have massive properties overseas and making merry of the booming Indian economy.

    All the systems are virtually defunct. Talk about the Police, Municipality or any other govt. dept. No one wants to do their job.

    So we Indian citizens are shelling out so much more money than many other developed countries for the sub-standard life-style PROUDLY sponsored by the INDIAN GOVERNMENT.
  • My Choice is Chennai for all reasons except climate...Chennai traffic is well organized. over head Infrastructure is better in Chennai.State admin of Chennai is inverter friendly.state discrimination is much in Bangalore.Chennai has culture of India which u definitely lack in Bangalore.Education is good in Chennai, education is money in Bangalore.Cost of living in Chennai is reasonable than Bangalore.
  • greater noida is by far the best city to live in. It has peaceful surroundings, great malls, well laid education city, great roads and very less density of population.
  • Best Place live peacefully - Dehradun
    Best place to live a hepp life - Delhi
    Best place for RE investments - Gurgaon
    Best place for studies - Pune
    Best place for IT jobs/Climate - Bangalore
    Best place for to relax n njoy- Goa

    Thats my best list ... :)
  • Chennai is the best of the lot.

    I second Tanmay in saying Chennai should be ranked top because of:
    1. Its great infrastructure (all cities are improving on this front but Chennai has better drainage facilities and cleanliness factor is also at the acceptable level).
    2. Better transport facilities and mobility even at odd hours. I differ from Tanmay only on the traffice management. At best, traffic management can be termed okay but never excellent.
    3. Safety of women.
    4. No religious or linguistic bias and genuine secularism (not the one often preached by our political leaders).
    5. Friendly neighbors.
    6. The ubiquitous English (even a rickshaw-wala can speak decent English, well dont be a Renn & Martin here).
    7. Its best medical facilities (Chennai is otherwise known as the medical capital as well).
    8. The best mix of both traditional/conservative and modern lifestyles living in the same locality (I mean caters to everyone's taste).
    9. You get whatever food you want (you dont have to travel a great distance for your favorite dish).
    10. And above all, cost of living is relatively controlled and better managed in Chennai than most cities.

    If at all Chennai has to be at the bottom, it must be because of its notorious autorickshaw drivers. Beware of them.

    And, if I had missed out anything, members please feel free to append.
  • Originally Posted by ThePlatinum
    Best Place live peacefully - Dehradun
    Best place to live a hepp life - Delhi
    Best place for RE investments - Gurgaon
    Best place for studies - Pune
    Best place for IT jobs/Climate - Bangalore
    Best place for to relax n njoy- Goa

    Thats my best list ... :)

    Looks good.. But why don't I see Chandigarh in it?

    Chandigarh is the first planned city of India, designed by American architect-planner Albert Mayer and later on finished by the noted French architect and urban planner, Le Corbusier.

    As much as Ive traveled the length and breadth of India.. I have failed to find a city that is as much neat and clean and green, has as much good administration and law and order... and is probably the only place where I never hesitate to bring my foreigner or NRI friends.
    It is pretty laid back during the day and can be pretty hip at nights.. especially with all those new and classy clubs opening up.
    Home to Panjab University, so excellent in terms of education too.
  • Best city to live is the one ,which gives an individual highest level of comfort. Comfort is an very relative word , which has different meaning for different individuals.

    Every city has its own typical characteristics , with some positives & negatives.
  • Yeah,I'd vouch for Chdgh too inspite of being so crowded today............
  • Originally Posted by scorpio001
    Yeah,I'd vouch for Chdgh too inspite of being so crowded today............

    i dont like any metro city as it is crowded and bad quality of life. chd is undoubtedly the best inb my opinion. i hv travelled all over stayed in many cities in north and south india and also been to us for last 5-6 years. chd is the best in terms of everything. medical facilities , education, quality of life, big roads and good food.

    But it is really costly. u need to have 1.5 crores rs to buy a decent house otherwise u have to live in a flat in suburbs. if you go out in 17th sector u can easily spen 2000 rs for light beer and dinner for 3-4 people. (6-7 Veg Momos will cost you 2-300 rs in Hot Millions)