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Property as an Investment


Property as an Investment

Last updated: June 27 2011
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  • Property as an Investment

    Property is the Best Option for Investment

    Real Estate experts believe that property prices will still be on the rise, so if you thinking to be invest in real estate that won’t be a bad idea. But experts recommends to invest only in under construction properties, as the prices of under construction properties are lesser than the ready ones and will increase on possession, hence better profit on possession.

    One can buy at a cheaper rate, enjoy appreciation and then sell it at a higher rate when the building is ready for possession.

    By investing in a property at an early stage, you also get an option of choosing the floor, sight facing, and various other amenities.
    Nevertheless, one must look at the real estate sector as a long-term investment.

    Vanwari avers, "A person who holds his property for 15-20 years gets more returns than an investor who buys and sells property after every six months. By doing this frequent trading in property, a short term investor may be happier but at the end of 15-20 years, the investor with a long term view will benefit more."

    Since every time you buy or sell your property, you may have to pay various taxes like property tax or capital gains tax, the returns may look lucrative but it may not necessarily be.

    Property consultant says, "Investing in land is better than investing in apartments, because yields on apartments have dropped from 5.5 per cent to 4 per cent."

    All underdeveloped areas and new townships like Faridabad, Mohali or Noida will give a good capital appreciation in the coming years. But you must also look for connectivity - the place should be well connected to the main city. In this case, quite a many under developed areas are being connected to the urban areas with the help of newly built highways, flyovers etc.

    Basically, all prospective buyers should look at peripheral location where infrastructural developments are happening that can be classified as growth corridors of the city.
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    Re : Property as an Investment

    Now-a-days people do invest in property more because prices will still be on the rise than its very beneficial to us. As well as its easy and best way for earn more money and we have all information about markets.


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      Re : Property as an Investment

      A huge 88 percent of respondents named property as the best option for investment in the latest monthly survey carried out by the Worldwide Property Group as it lets you possess a constructive money flow all along.


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