Broadly defined, the term "commercial real estate" can be used to refer to any dealing with real property in a business context. It could involve leasing out office space, owning an apartment complex or selling real property along with and as part of the sale of a business. It might be industrial or agricultural property.

It could even involve residential properties like apartment complexes or rental houses being held for business or income-producing purposes. It can even involve working with the government.

Unless the property is a residence where the homeowner is living, you're probably dealing with commercial real estate.
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  • @NewNovla: In very simple words, Real Estate is buying, selling and/or renting land, buildings or houses. Real estate will include all immovable assets such as land, water bodies, trees, buildings, crops, mineral resources or anything that cannot be transported from one place to another.

    Personal property (money, jewelry, clothes, furniture) is not real estate.

    For more information, read the wikipedia article. This is an example of a commercial real estate group in India (New Delhi)