i live in usa. i would like to invest in apartments in india and i have to manage the property from long distance. i am looking for the city where i can get best rent for price.
also, any advise on renting proeprties in dealing with tenants and property mangers??
my budget is 1 -3 cr-and i would like to buy with all cash without loans.
what part of price rental and resale market will do well in future?low-mid -high price properties?
thank you for help
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  • you can get the highest price-to-rent ratios in Mumbai real estate market. It is the most profitable market in india if you want to earn in rental incomes.
  • Dear friend,

    I feel, it is anywhere between 1 to 5 % depending on the city and the location where the property is situated ( annual rental income as a percentage of the total cost of the property ). The lowest in the outskirts and the highest within city limits. Bangalore and Delhi are also not bad for rental income.