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vacating a rented house


vacating a rented house

Last updated: July 11 2008
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  • vacating a rented house

    I am looking for the definition of the clause in a house rent agreement.
    When the rent agreement says "2 months notice period", there can be 2 different cases:
    1) The owner requesting the tenant to vacate the house
    2)The tenant informing the owner that he is vacating the house

    In the second case, suppose the tenant informs the owner that he is vacating the house, and the day he informs is say 11th july, then it is understood that he has to vacate the house on or before 11th september and will be paying the rent upto 11th september.

    But in the first case, suppose the owner requests the tenant to vacate the house, and he informs this on july 11th, then the tenant should vacate the house on or before 11th september. But when it comes to rent, suppose the tenant is willing to vacate on 11th of august (that is one month before the stipulated maximum time), SHOULD HE PAY THE RENT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 11th OR IS IT SUFFICIENT THAT HE WILL PAY THE RENT UPTO THE TIME HE RESIDED IN THE HOUSE?

    I would be very glad to get a clarification on this confusion.
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