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East West Developments

Last updated: October 30 2008
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  • East West Developments

    Hi all,
    I have been looking at some interesting property investment prospects at "The East West Developments Group". It seems interesting but I don't know much about them and I haven't found much information. Does anyone know anything about them and their reputation?

    I have been looking at Ahmedabad. Does anyone have an opinion of the capital growth potential for this area? What I have read lately the Indian market is experiencing a slowdown in investments, any comments about this?

    Thanks for reading! Happy for any answers i might get
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    Re : East West Developments

    East West Developments

    I invested in three apartments through East West Developments almost two years ago.

    Despite the web site claiming that prices increase by 22% per year, the reality has been that ever increasing discounts have been offered to new investors to eliminate any suggested profit.

    Their US representative, whom I'm supposed to deal with, refuses to answer my emails regarding their "guarantee", which I am now beginning to feel is worthless.

    I would seriously advise that you give this a miss. You seem more likely to lose money than make money.

    The "resale pool" is also a joke, since you get told the developer can not resale your units because he can not sell his units.

    However, if you are still determined to invest with them then I have three units I would be keen to sell to you!


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