How do people profit from real estate? ?

They buy a plot/land
Than they hire builders and build up an apartment/office.
Then they sell/rent those buildings.

Is this the way(mentioned above) people profit from real estate? I need your help as I am just 21 years old now and wanna start a business in real estate in future.
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  • Hi mangeshkumar,

    There are many different ways you can invest in real estate. I find that building nowadays has become more expensive than buying an existing property.

    Here are some investment ideas:
    1. You buy an exisiting property and rent it out
    2. You buy a repossessed property, fix it and rent it out
    3. You buy a repossessed property, fix it and sell it
    4. You buy a property on a big piece of land, subdivide it and either sell the remaining land or build a property on it and then sell it.

    This is only mentioning a few options. You will come across many more. Do yourself the favour and do some research on it on the Internet. You will save yourself much effort
  • Real estate is an Other People’s Money industry. You should minimize how much of your own money is in a deal. And always make sure you have plenty of reserves to handle any not so pleasant surprises.For beginners to minimize the risk, it is imperative to have multiple exit strategies. If you cannot flip a property you can quickly end up upside down, behind in payments and lose the property and your credit. Instead, buy below market properties that cash flow. That way you can sell retail, wholesale, lease option, seller finance, refinance, even rent and hold.
  • You make a profit from Property without selling it.. Properties can produce income from the aforementioned sources - with basic rent again being the most common - but can also add one more in the form of option income. For more help you can visit the link i am giving you.. It will be very helpful for you...
    How can you make a profit from property without selling it?

  • In is like pay the booking amount...wait for 2-3 months and sell it....pocket the difference!! Though it is getting difficult to find a buyer nowadays....
  • Respected sir..
    kindly help me. i have booked a residential property during soft launch period and company quoted me the rate at all inclusive price. now at later stage when company expose other charges, do i have to pay them or i am done with the rate at which i booked my apartment.
    kindly throw some light on this matter