1. One of the largest sectors in India.

2. Affects crores of people as it forms the largest single investment that most of us will make in our lifetime

And to think that there is no transparent and quick way for me to

a. Find out the market price for my RE property
b. Quickly buy or sell RE property at the market quoted rate
c. Ensure that my money comes in within a reasonable time and without extortionist charges of the brokers, middlemen and touts
d. Protect the investor from collapse of the builder, broker and others

Do you think that its now high time we did something to end this highly unregulated market where everything depends on what a broker quotes, where reliable information is practically non-existent and where most of what we know about a property is hearsay and rumor?

What would be my confidence level if I could anyday go to an online exchange and find out the realistic value of my property?

Imagine what it would be like if we had a well-traded, liquid RE Exchange which included all relevant participants like Banks (for loans, etc), Appraisers (to vouch for authenticity of information), Regulator and participants. What would it be like if I could buy / sell property and have the transfers done to/from my name and get the money in/out within, say even 1 week.

Your comments!!! :D

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