We all use real estate portals nowadays to fulfill our real estate demands. You all must have noticed that a number of these websites have features like ‘virtual tours’ for property.

As some one like me, staying abroad, it may sound lucrative that - you can have a view of the property you are interested in without being at the ‘site’. But does that help you in your ultimate decision to shortlist your property? Or help in your investment plans.

I’m confused if they really make sense in India, where the system is so unorganized. Or, is the ‘VIRTUAL TOUR’ section in the portals merely there to add up as an ‘attractive’ feature.

Looking forward to interesting analysis to this….
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    Don’t be a slave to every technological bell and whistle.

    Virtual tours take too long to load and view and can crash a computer if you don’t have a high-speed line.

    Its important to move prospects from high tech to high touch as soon as possible.

    After all, you still can’t make a sale until you see the whites in your client's eyes. :)
  • Pictures say it better than words... and so do virtual tours

    Today Realty Listings with pictures get more hits and the prospect can visualise the property better with the help of virtual tours. While a virtual tour may not be a deal clincher, it certainly does help in shorlist process

    Buying home on the internet is not yet the fade in india. We still love the touch n feel factor while buying the smallest of the things in our life. So with somethin as important and big as a home, internet cannot replace the tradtional means of home buying, but act as an aide.

    So virtual tour certainly act as the catylst here.