There are numerous articles and news on price reduction in market or likely market crash. Without doubt, in the current scenario, several builders are offering discounts. Should one buy at these discounted prices or should one wait for the prices to crash further is a big question!!!

Given the fact that a project that is being sold at a discounted price or is likely to be a sold at discounted price, will the project reach satisfactory completion? Do you see that price reduction will directly impact the construction quality - comprise by use of lower cost material?

Will it be safer to invest in a high value (no price reduction/least price reduction) properties than in one that is discounted (and may never see completion or will be of inferior construction quality)? Ram, WiseMan, John, Rex, Diwakar, Rashim and all of you, what do you say?


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  • quality is visible and bad quality more so.

    Originally Posted by Manoj Misra
    Thanks Wiseman for detailed response. Key issue I am trying to understand - will price reduction lead to developers using inferior quality material or will risk project completion? Any thoughts on those lines will be really appreciated.


    Manoj Misra

    I dont think a reasonable class builder would use inferior materials,leave alone ethics but it does not make buiseness sense.bcoz all the flats dont get booked on bhoomi puja itself,you get enquiries during construction too.potential buyers do go to the site and check the quality of construction which does not take expertise, bricks can be seen ,mortar colour will tell u,concrete thickness is visible. rods project out of the unfinished coloumns(vertical elements) i mean it is easy to say what is 'not good quality'.hence any builder would not take achance to put off potential buyers.and the RCC structure is less than 40% of the cost and you cannot reduce more than 15% without a lay man's koweledge. get it.
    the best way is to visit the builders previous projects and can ask for the structural drawing and consult an engineer too.
  • Good Point!

    Great Point..
  • The banks knows better than us. Why do they reduce LTV and stop lending.

    The right time to buy will the point when the banks relax their lending rules.
  • A small but important difference in perception ...

    Originally Posted by varunet
    in contrast to one comment by wiseman about 25 rupees to a dollar value..

    the economic times predict dollar will be more stronger...

    check this link

    Hi Varun,

    Checked the post. you said this article predicted the $$$ rate. It does not. Ir only states the recent run-up of the $$$ and its current level.

    On the other hand, I predict that the $$$ to come down to these levels over the next 2-3 years.

    A small but important difference.

  • I agree that the dollar will reach 25Rs range , but expect this to happen not in 2-3 years but after the next bull US Stock market ( around 2016).
  • Hmm - So this is good time for NRI's to buy

    If they buy now, value of their property (in $ term) will appreciate!!! What do you all wiseman say about that?
  • There is no such thing as good or wrong time to invest

    When you are no longer caught up in the dichotomy of right and wrong or good and bad, you can never do anything wrong. As long as you are caught up in this duality, the danger is that you will always do wrong.
  • Originally Posted by Manoj Misra
    If they buy now, value of their property (in $ term) will appreciate!!! What do you all wiseman say about that?

    Thats true. I expect the dollar to get strong further in the next 6 months, and would remain in 50 Rs range gor quite sometime.

    Even NRI's can wait to make better deal.
  • Prabably ...

    Originally Posted by Manoj Misra
    If they buy now, value of their property (in $ term) will appreciate!!! What do you all wiseman say about that?

    Probably. But why necessarily RE?

    They could do better in the short term transferring to other stronger currencies like the Swiss Franc, Singapore $. After all, switching from one declining asset (US$ - in my opinion) to another declining asset (RE anywhere - again in my opinion) in the short/medium term is not really a very smart thing to do!

    They would do well to switch from a weak asset to a strong asset that is also liquid. Later, when the weakness of India RE is ironed out, they can happily wade into Indian RE.

  • I think it is always a Good time to wait for some more time. I know today Banks are planning to reduce the Interest rate. But this will not help to sell out property. Untill and unless the developer comes down to the real price. Please refer the other post how they are making money. GOVT should come to help the common man not the Rich Business Man.But again you know how the politicians are in India.
  • Realty sector getting a lifeline?

    Looks the Indian government is contemplating a huge bailout for the realty sector and to induce new loan schemes through the PSU Banks.

    Quoting from an article

    In order to boost the troubled housing sector, the government on Sunday said public sector banks would soon unveil a package for those seeking home loans of up to Rs 20 lakh (Rs 2 million) and promised measures that would accelerate the "growth trajectory."

    "Public sector banks will shortly announce a package for borrowers for home loans in two categories -- for loans of up to Rs 5 lakh (Rs 500,000) and Rs 5-20 lakh (Rs 500,000-2 million)," an official statement said, a move that signals cheaper credit for buyers for low and middle-class segments.

    The government pointed out that there is a large unmet demand for housing in the country, especially for middle and low income groups.

    Stating that housing is an important source of employment and generates demand for critical sectors, the Centre said that the housing sector would be kept under a "close watch" and promised that additional measures would be taken, as necessary, to promote an accelerated growth trajectory.

    The demand in residential segment has declined in the last six months on account of high interest rates on housing loans and steep rise in property prices during last two to three years, experts said.

    The government highlighted the RBI's decision to provide refinance facility of Rs 4,000 crore (Rs 40 billion) to National Housing Bank.
    "In addition, one of the areas where plan expenditure can be increased relatively easily is the Indira Awas Yojna," the statement said.

    Expressing disappointment on the economic package for housing sector, Parsvnath Developers Chairman Pradeep Jain said: "Package for home loans borrowers is an eyewash. It is not going to spur demand."
    To give a fillip to the real estate sector, particularly housing sector, the Reserve Bank of India had on Saturday said that banks can classify housing loans up to Rs 20 lakh as "priority sector" advances, subject to a ceiling of 5 per cent of their total priority sector target.
    Loans by banks to housing finance companies (HFCs) for on-lending to individuals for purchasing/constructing dwelling units may be classified under the priority sector, provided the housing loans granted by HFCs do not exceed Rs 20 lakh per dwelling unit per family, RBI had said in a statement.

    The special dispensation for treating loans to HFCs as priority sector advances will boost lending to the housing sector, it added.

    Will this resurrect the falling real estate market and prevent the sharp price crash that was expected?
  • Interesting..

    Hmm..its always good to wait!!! But can anyone time the market?
  • why not ???
    u might not get the exact trough, but u may come near it.
    And all these *SS analysts will only tell u that u cant time it.
    but believe me, u have to learn to time it. other wise life is screwed n will will get what an average investor gets...

    Thats what my dad says.... Dont be average.... learn to time it... u will have to make effort for it.... But DO IT!! Thats worth.
  • Give some tips on timing..

    .. thanks.. what about giving some tips on timing mr buzz? Cheers
  • btw.. I found this on rediff today..

    Timing the market -- A popular 'myth'
    Nobody really knows the peak and trough -- the market operates on macro-economic factors and the unpredictable human sentiment. The two prominent human sentiments which drive the markets are -- Greed and Fear. When the markets tank, panic grips even the most elite investor into take wrong decisions.

    And am sure the above statement for stock market will hold good for real estate market as well! What do you say?