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Real Estate - Search.................


Real Estate - Search.................

Last updated: February 5 2007
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  • Real Estate - Search.................

    I am Jack
    Sometime back I was just trying to locate a property in India.
    Though the real estate sector in India is on a roll but still searching ur dream home is cumbersome. As I have seen even sometimes the Real Estate Agents are not able to deliver the right output which leads to the wastage of money.

    So I think there should be some way to locate properties(real estate). Something different which can satisfy the needs of the general people. Just Like a Real Estate Search Engine.............

    May be something else which has the ability to deliver........... results(Dream Home) ?

    waiting 4 the reply

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    Re : Real Estate - Search.................

    Search, But How ?

    Once I have been also through the same problem phase that you faced. You are absolutely right, there is still space for alot of change in the way how all the deals work. If you are not able to locate the right real estate agent, then all the process of searching a good home can be hectic for you.

    Also I strongly agrees with you that there is need for tools like search engines to locate good properties or which can deliver output. I would rather suggest you to first of all do a research work on all the Real Estate Agents, there records till date and talk to people whom the agent helped to get homes. In this way you can locate a good Real Estate Agent who can broke a good deal for you.

    Hope It helps you. But If someone has a much better idea,I am keen to know it.
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      Re : Real Estate - Search.................

      Cant Digest the suggestion......


      I think getting a complete search engine dedicated to Indian real estate is more like an illusion. Fragmented nature of the sector is what has been bothering all of us. As compared to the real sector abroad, Indian realty market has not attained a renowned status and recognition although it has been succeded in grabbing attention of a multitude of potential investors. Educating the real estate agents is what actually required to hit the target of organizing the sector and if something can be done in that aspect will be highly conducive.

      As for getting the best as well as hassle free deals, interested property sellers/buyers should always be watchful to turn to reputed dealers or brokers to avoid nasty surprises later. And, reputation is earned over years of ethical, honest behavior. Several websites are there that hold good status and has been serving people since long. How about switching on to them?


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        Re : Real Estate - Search.................

        Real Estate Search Engine - I will give this suggestion by Jack full marks. This is something that can bring revolution in the Real Estate Sector in India. Though in many developing countries Real Estate Search Engines are evolving slowly, so I think we have to wait for some more time.
        Just like Guruji, a search engine completely dedicated for indian cause. It shows only and only india related search results. Just like Guruji, Real Estate Search Engine can be a possible thought. So I think this is a strong suggestion. It may take time but whenever a Real Estate Search Engine will be in the market, it will be a hit and a thing to talk.


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          Re : Real Estate - Search.................

          Real Estate Search engine...Yes

          hello Mr.jack

          I wholly agree with u that real estate search engine is the need of present scenario and will prove to be beneficial in the further booming of real estate industry. This is a strong suggestion given by you and eveyone has to think about that.Real estate search engine can bring revolution in the real estate market in India.

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