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Indian Real Estate Sector - Is it recession or Correction at present. Rating with reasons will be more appreciated.
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  • You will find more correction on the RE as days goes on. Rhis sector is completely over priced.
  • Not sure about the way Recession is declared in India, Do we have a governing body of Economist to confirm a recession? Going by the media and GDP data, it definitely is recession.
  • well, there are two types of market in real estate sector in India from my point of view:

    1. End User's Market : Here the the transactions in buying, selling and leasing etc are done by the people for self use.

    2. Investor Driven Market : Here 90% or even more transactions are done by investors with an intention to sell it later at premium.

    If you look at the end users market, though the transactions have reduced but even then there is not much availability today also and either the prices are sustaining at earlier level or even if there is correction, it's marginal only. There's hardly any distress sell.

    to be continued: