Let me introduce once again the plight of a common man (who wants his own dream house) in India. On one side we have the rich/corrupt industrialists, the corrupt builders and developers, and corrupt/non sense politicians (whom we are going to re-select once again to hand over our next five years) and on the other side its YOU, who is alone. Consider yourself in trouble as below -

A. Unique Builders, Jaipur
beware of unique builders my haveli Jaipur

I am posting my personal experience of unehical functioning of the unique builders jaipur so that others do not fall in there trap. Ibooked 3 bhk flat in nov 07 and advance of rs 2.5 lakhs deposited in my haveli project. as per original promise construction to start in 3 months and complete in 36 months. howevr as on date after 15 months , the projects has not taken off, only lately foundataion of one of the five towers proposed has started. As per the information from Jaipur development authority, approval for other towers has not been obtained, and still money collected. On request for refund on account of delay they are forcibly deducting rs 50000 and asking for an affidavit agreeing to this. There senior officials even do not attned s and have no courtsey to call back on leaving the message. i have been trying to talk to concerned person mr koshal for last many weeks.

please keep away from this bulider and project . this particular project is already controversial when govt withdrew earlier the permission. Any members who have booked flat in this scheme let us come together and make a forum like DLF consumers in Chennai and teach this group a lesson for this unethical practice.

MTECH Developers, New Delhi


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mtech a fraud company

Let me tell you of another similar case of M/s Mtech Developers in their projects in Bhiwadi.

-They collected money for their Camellia projects and Mtech Heights in Bhiwadi 2 years back.

-NO BANK has approved their project in Bhiwadi.Please speak to UTI BANK,SBI,BHW BIRLA at Gurgaon for their honest feedback on their projects.

-They have collected 2 and even 3 instalments from people.

-Star News ran a news item on their scam last

-Several times their unauthorized hoardings and fencings have been destroyed by the bhiwadi authorities

-Now TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY ...the developer is refusing to refund money to us investors,he says the dealer should give NOC, when you speak to their so-called dealers they are absconding or even pretend that they will give it when you meet them.When you try to meet them they make some pretence and abscond..IT IS HAND IN GLOVE ACTION OF DEVELOPERS AND DEALERS.

Do not be fooled we a group of investors are interested in recording your similar stories and will take them to the cleaners.
Please email YOUR GRIEVANCES TO mtech.fraudgmail.com

D. Unitech Ltd, New Delhi

Unitech booking canation

Unitech is not honoring contract terms by caning the booking in a timely fashion. They are giving all kinds of excuses and trying to delay the canation process as much as possible. What are the options available to get a quick resolution ? I hear that others who have booked flats with Unitech are in the same boat -- unable to cancel the booking and get out of a bad situation.



doshi builders - want to cancel booking

I had booked a flat in Tambaram Project under Doshi builders on in july after paying Rs 1lakh as the booking amount. Subsequently, I had paid another Rs 3lakhs in september which I was told is the installment amount to be paid so as to enter into a sale agreement with me for this contract.Though I called up lot of times for the same it was told to me that the preparation of sale agreement will take time. After the sale agreement was finalised I was supposed to apply for the loan amount and thus proceed with the project.

I was working with Fidelity. I have lost my job now. I need to cancel the booking.
I want to cancel my booking but my builder is saying I will lose 10% of the total amount i.e Rs 40,000. I am ok if I loose Rs 10,000. Can somebody advice how to go about this?

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