I am new to this forum..not sure if I am posting to the right forum.
I am thinking of buying land in Shikrapur in Maharashtra (near Pune). The owner has divided his Agri land into smaller pieces of 2 gunthas and made provision for a road etc. My question is -
1) Is there any way to legally register land in my name (on 7/12 extract) if the plot size I am buying is less than 10 guntha?
2) In order to be able to register my name on 7/12 extract if I am buying 10 gunthas ..does it need to be continious piece of land. Please note than "gat krakank (number)" is same.

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  • hi

    i personally think--there will be no problem if u buy less than 10 ghunta --i own like this but in part 3 ghunta and 4 ghunta but in mumbai (vagni)
  • My aunt bought a plot like that. The problem is, she got the 7/12 could not identify which part was hers. Not even the registrar could help her identify. She eventually realized that this was deliberately done to con her.
  • In my aunt's 7/12 it is not mentioned clearly what the plot she bought is bounded by. Now the same plot is being claimed by multiple parties because of identical 7/12. (Only in India, this sort of thing happens and you have no recourse!!)
  • What is a ghunta?

    Sub registrars especially in the remote areas dealing with agricultural land are careless and the documents need to be cross verified and legal has to be done, even after buying to ensure it is yours.
  • There are no issues if you have less than 10 guntas or a part of piece of a bigger chunk.you can even ask the registrar to give you a deed which identifies your part of land to avoid any issues later.personally I would avoid such investment and will be more comfortable in buying the whole chunk or some branded property.