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High raise flats ( >4 floors) VS low raise flats


High raise flats ( >4 floors) VS low raise flats

Last updated: June 16 2009
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  • High raise flats ( >4 floors) VS low raise flats

    Dear friends,

    Let me start a new thread for debate on high raise ( > 4 floors ) and low raise flats- the plus and minus. My brother rented a high raise flat in the 8 th floor in Poonamalli High Road, of course in an old building. He was to pay Rs. 150 for each item he was to take to his flat when he moved in there. While vacating, ( he vacated the flat in about 18 months ) he had to pay Rs. 200 per item and the expenses for the items up and down were very heavy and also susceptible for some damage or the other. Now he has shifted to a ground floor flat. People talk about high raise flat advantages like- good air flow, no insect/mosquito menace, less disturbance/noisy etc. etc. But the disadvantages are- high transport up or dwon cost, courier/vendors/milkman/vegetable etc. not willing or very reluctant to come up even in lift, some people when they look down below get disturbed to see the people/vehicle etc. as tiny dots. etc. In case of problem with lift or water, then no body need to explain the utmost difficulties one will have to face, only a real experience will tell the woes of the tenant. Every time one need to go down or up, has to wait for the lift is a real problem when there is urgency. Varying views from guests and members are welcome. The real experiences will add flavour to this post.

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    Re : High raise flats ( >4 floors) VS low raise flats

    Opt for First floor

    i want to share my experience staying in multistory building I personally experienced staying 1st - 5th floor for more than a year each floor. I found the first floor the best. ground floor is usually more noisei and dirty specially in the rainy season. I feel insects and reptiles are also ore common on groung floor.On the other hand coming up and down from an upper floor every day specially with a luggage makes our shedule hactic. Coming back after a shoping and finding lift busy or not working is very irretating. In variably it also happens that we are going to some work and after coming out of the building we remember that we have forget some important thing at home, as some key, , purse etc. how frequently it happens it is realised only when we are at a upper floor. First floor is less troublesom compared to upper floors and at the same time does not have disadvantages of ground floor.


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