I have just recently shifted to another Rental House almost amonth ago, The Society has given me unnecessary troubles, Just wanted some advice on what can i do.

My Queries are :

1. Though a society can have certain rules implemented but to share one among many of those rules do they have the right to knock the doors at anytime as per their convinience (eg 11 pm) to demand the removal of garbage from outside the doors.

2. Being a tenant Can we demand a list of Rules and Regulations from the society.

3. What are the rights of the Tenant ??? Do ther differ from the owners right ??

Would request a prompt revert.

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  • Rules differ according to the terms of agreements (between the housing society and flat owner, and also between you and the flat owner). also your rights and obligations are different depending upon whether you are on a lease or a rental agreement.

    Though, rather than legal, it looks more of a soft issue.

    Being a tenant you should not have to interact at all with the society, as long as you are not deeply inconveniencing anyone.

    Housing societies are just a bunch of people like us. So do not feel any pressure.

    Just create a rule, that any directives or info should be passed on to you from the landlord. Do not allow anyone from the society to bother you about anything directly. At least it will stop the unnecessary harrassments.
  • Are there proper areas designated for garbage ?! Not to sound rude, but garbage outside the door in corridors is not a pleasant sight especially if you are residing amongst people who have paid an arm and leg for the society.

    Then again, im drawing my own conclusions.
  • I completeyl Agree