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Tips while buying a home


Tips while buying a home

Last updated: September 19 2007
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  • Tips while buying a home

    Buying a home is a dream of a lifetime for most of us. Before applying for a home loan, consult professionals who can help you deicide what suits you best. Here are some tips that will be helpful when you are looking for a house on your own.

    1. While buying a flat from a promoter or builder
    a. With respect to the location
    • Check for proper approach roads.
    • Ensure secured electricity and water connections.
    • Ensure that well laid out drainage, sewerage and garbage disposal arrangements have been made.
    • Is there any pollution due to industries etc in the area?
    • Level of developmental activities of the area - adequate public transport facilities and other vital amenities like educational institutions, hospitals and shopping avenues
    b. With respect to approvals
    • Check if your builder/promoter has been granted documented approvals from Municipal Corporation, Area Development Authorities, Electricity Boards, Water Supply & Sewerage Boards, Airport Area Authorities
    • Check if the builder/promoter has secured approvals from Pollution Control Boards, Agriculture & Forest Authorities
    c. With respect to the property
    • Check for proper Development Agreements and the authority for conveyance of title in favour of builder/promoter.
    • Obtain a clear and marketable title of the property.
    • Ensure execution of proper sale agreements on your initial payments.
    • See the sanctioned plan.
    • Register the property.
    • Verify the plinth and carpet area of the property
    d. With respect to amenities
    • Verify the specifications given by the builder regarding including quality of construction and availability of drinking and potable water have been delivered
    • Assess the natural lighting, ventilation, water connection & sanitary connection status of your prospective property.
    • Check up common service area charged and their reasonability
    2. While buying a flat from a second owner
    a. With respect to the location
    • Check for proper approach roads.
    • Check for electricity and municipal water connections.
    • Whether well laid out drainage, sewerage and garbage disposal arrangements are made.
    • Pollution due to industries etc in the area.
    • Check for developmental activities of the area.
    • Public transport facilities in the area.
    • Check for educational institutions, hospitals, shopping avenues nearby, green belts & rainwater drainage.
    b. With respect to approvals
    • Documented approvals from city corporation, Area Development Authorities, Electricity Boards, Water Supply & Sewerage Boards.
    c. With respect to the property
    • Title deeds of the vendor of the property.
    • Previous title deeds covering a period of 13 years.
    • Sanctioned plan.
    • Encumbrance certificate for the past 13 years.
    • Upto-date tax paid receipts.
    • Valuation of the property from a registered valuer.
    • Check if the flat/apartment is free from tenancy.
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    Re : Tips while buying a home

    Tips For Buying Properties In Mumbai

    The demand for property in Mumbai is even higher as it is the business capital of country and world’s largest film industry is also situated here. Every one in India wants to be in this city of dreams. Many people want to settle in here in hope of good career and some want to spend a few days here. This has made the job very difficult for those who are looking to rent or buy residential or commercial properties in Mumbai. But many real estate agencies are helping people in buying property in Mumbai. These agencies offer a wide range of services to their customers together with buying, selling, renting-in and renting-out. In order to expand their business few property agencies offer some services through internet. So if you are looking to buy residential properties in Mumbai or buy commercial properties in Mumbai then simply visit to the website of any of such real estate agencies like Better Homes India and you can find the best deal for you.

    But there are some points that should be kept in mind while buying or renting a property for you.

    1. Take a seat with your family and come up with an amount that you are ready to pay out.

    2. Keeping in view the amount at your disposal, agree on some grounds with your family. For example, if you looking to buy residential property in Mumbai, you must agree on some basic things with your family like; how many bedrooms you want, in which area of the city the apartment should located, etc.

    3. Be realistic in your decision. Always keep an eye on your budget and limitations.

    4. Be very clear with your property dealer about your requirements and budget. Many online property agencies have detailed search form on their website that can help you in locating desired property for rent or buy in Mumbai.

    5. Be ready to compromise. It is not always that you can rent or buy a property that has every thing you want. It could have your desired no of bedrooms in the amount in your hands but could be half a kilometer away from your preferred location.

    6. Last but not the least; always beware of fraud real estate agencies. Always look for trusted and well established property agencies.

    So it is becoming easier and easier today, to find residential or commercial property in Mumbai that best suited to their requirements. All you have to do is be clear about your budget and requirements and acquire the services of good property agency and Better Homes India is definitely one of them.


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      Re : Tips while buying a home

      Documents to see

      1) Title Deeds

      2) Encumbrance Certificate

      3) plan from local authorities

      4) Tax Receipts
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