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Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?


Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

Last updated: April 9 2010
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    Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

    Are you updated witht eh progress of Shara City homes & what is your outlook for the kind of returns projected from this venture?


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      Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

      Hi Dewakar,

      i think Nasik has a lot of potential to grow very fast in the coming years.I purchased a flat here a yr and a half back and it has appreciated a lot in this period. This city has a thriving industrial area which has been in existance for a long time. There is a SEZ that is to come up on the outskirts at Sinnar industrial area I believe. There are a large number of ggod educational facilities and the climate there is very good. Its in close vicinity to Bombay. All this I believe are factors in favour of the city and I recomend it as an investment destination.


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        Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

        best city to invest


        Buying property is very much different from investing in shares or debentures. Property is physical after buying u will have to maintain it, pay taxes and other charges, a properly maintained property only gives good return and when u will decide to sell it the property has to be shown to various purchasers because any one investing in a property will want to inspect it so for all this u will have to be physically present or u will have to make some do all the activity on u r behalf.

        There is no property exchange like stock exchange where u can buy or sell sitting in d comforts of ur home any where in world.So its not important which city u should invest in but rather think where its possible for me to invest keeping all d factors in mind.

        Hope this helps u,

        Good day

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          Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?


          100% agreed!!!!

          As the home loan rate of interests are bound to go down soon, I am sure there will be even more demand and prices in Faridabad will once again go skyrocket high.

          Infact sector 49 appears to be one of the most posh and upcomming area in the city.

          Raashi Chopra

          Originally posted by funtoosh View Post
          Thinking of noida gurgaon and ghaziabad would not result good. next option in NCR is faridabad and possibly in the newer locations that are not developed as faridabad is the industrial hub and land is real scarce.


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            Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

            Re:Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

            Hi all,
            India is being acknowledged as the one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in this current economic scenario, real estate has emerged as one of the most appealing investment areas for domestic as well as foreign investors.Its very difficult for one to decide where to invest in India.I have given few of my inputs below:
            Over a long period of time Noida has amazed everyone around the neighborhood to look at this place with flabbergasted expressions. Truly, since 1976 the Noida authority has left no stone unturned and let the entire nation look at it with spectacled eyes. But things have moved on and today it is Greater Noida which has changed. Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) falls within the National Capital Region (NCR) of India’s capital,New Delhi, and is adjacent to Noida, one of the largest industrial townships in Asia. It conceptualises the needs of a fast developing city of the future.

            Better known for its annual Suraj Kund Mela and perhaps the Badhkal Lake, Faridabad chose to step aside .Content with its status as an industrial and residential satellite town for those who could not afford Delhi land rates,

            Faridabad made no attempt to woo the IT and MNC s setting up base in its neighborhood.

            Nagpur is presently booming in terms of Real Estate and is expected to escalate further with the advent of various IT companies and flow of Foreign Direct Investment in huge amounts. With the entrance of the large number of IT companies into the city, the Real Estate prices of both commercial and capital values are likely to rise high.
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              Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

              Consider Trivandrum

              ABOUT Thiruvananthapuram
              A beautiful seaside city built on seven hills, it is the capital of India's most literate and socially developed state. It is also a strategically important city of Southern India.

              What's happening there?
              The real estate market is primarily driven by the IT/ITES sector. Traditional houses with long, steep sloping roofs are now giving way to high rise apartments. Prime residential areas of Kowdiar Chowk, Jawahar Nagar, Velayambalam, Sasthamangalam and Medical College Road have many projects under construction. Most of these projects are redevelopments of existing bungalows into multi storied apartments. Expansive residential complexes are also mushrooming on Kovalam-Kazhakuttam bypass to meet the increasing demand generated by new jobs at Technopark.

              Knight Frank research estimates that 4 million square feet of residential space will enter the Thiruvananthapuram market by end of 2009 or 2010. A bulk of this supply is concentrated on the Kovalam-Kazhakuttam bypass, in the vicinity on the Technopark.

              Major developments in the city are
              i. Heera Group
              ii. SFS Group
              iii. SI Property
              iv. Skyline Builders
              v. Technopark has already acquired large acres of land and will involve a mix use of IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, commercial and residential development spread over 500 acres of land.
              vi. Condor Group is coming up with Fortuna, a 200,000 square feet mall, on NH-47 which will house a six screen multiplex. vii. Artech Group is also coming up with Kalpana Heights near the Pattom Junction which will have the second outlet of Big Bazaar in the city.
              viii. Also Plaza Centres, a subsidiary of an Israel based company has acquired about 10 acres of land near Technopark and has planned a mall, office complex, hotel and an apartment hotel totaling to approximately 2.1 million square feet of built-up space.

              U can read more of this article on the property section of wealth- moneycontrol...

              The link is Click here


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                Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

                Virar - Dahanu

                What you guys think about property between virar - dahanu road?
                How expensive is the land there?


                Originally posted by PuneRental
                Navi Mumbai will give the best return on investment in a time frame of 5 yrs ( by 2013).

                Dream of turning Mumbai into Sanghai will see all development in this part of Mumbai.

                Also keep track of Pen City neighborhoods ( Panvel - Goa highway).


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                  Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

                  Chennai - A good investment option

                  [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Chennai the fourth largest metropolitan city in India is a major trade centre, well linked by road, rail and air to important cities besides being a seaport. Dubbed once as a sleepy and slow-paced city for long, it is today abuzz with activity in business, industry, entertainment and leisure.Big names like Ford, Hyundai, Hindustan Motors, TVS, Ashok Leyland, MRF, etc.opted for the city. Recently, BMW has opted for the city to set up a car assembly plant at the Mahindra City and Hyundai has decided to put up a second plant near its existing facility on the outskirts of the city.Leather, biotechnology, floriculture, horticulture and construction industry are the potential growth areas in the state in future with IT industry.Chennai has traditionally been the hub of economic, geographic and political activities of south India. Its economy is well balanced with the info-tech , entertainment, industrial and other service establishments playing equal role in city's growth. Unlike other metros, there was no significant steep rise and fall of the real estate market in the post liberalization era in Chennai. This was due to the fact, that not many multinational companies had chosen Chennai to start their operations. It can be attributed to the large floating stock available in the market during this period.Chennai has several inherent advantages for real estate development, availability of skilled manpower, better infrastructure and cosmopolitan outlook. The all-round development has excited many national & international real estate developers to enter the Chennai property sector. There has been upsurge in demand for residential apartments and property. The spillover effect is felt in suburbs as well with developers focusing more areas for residential property development. Chennai is rapidly growing towards the southern and western quadrants.[/FONT][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif'][/FONT]


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                    Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

                    Returns for properties in Malwani, Malad and Amrut Nagar Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai

                    Hi gals & guys,

                    There has been a steady increase in rates since 2004 in these areas. Can somebody please tell me if the prices will continue to increase in these areas or has it started to fall already.

                    A 10 lacs flat in 2004 was sold for 25 lacs in 2008 in Amrut Nagar, Jogeshwari (W).

                    A 30 lacs flat in 2007 was sold for 43 lacs in 2008 in Malwani, Malad (W).

                    In the long run will these properties will see profits if so in how many years.

                    Thanks and kind regards,
                    Thanks & Regards


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                      Re : Which is the best city to invest in real estate in India?

                      faridabad is the most stupid place i have found.
                      Dont think just becoz it is near to delhi, u can get ur money mulitplied in faridabad.

                      It is no where comparable to noida or gurgaon.

                      The realty market of faridabad neher paar area are totally dump.
                      resellers are selling at 1400-1450 psf.

                      wait for 6 more months and u will see a state of panic.
                      there is no development in fariabad. the badarpur flyover is approved from the last 10 yrs but never made.

                      All talks of FNG highway linking faridabad to noida are also crap.
                      UP govt has already said they are not interested in this project.
                      Also this is a matter between 2 states. these matters dont get resolved so easily in India. and the bridge needs to be constructed over river which is not a simple issue.

                      All hype of Faridabad is gone now.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?