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Need clarification ?


Need clarification ?

Last updated: February 5 2007
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  • Need clarification ?

    I had booked a property on the 9th floor * Rs 3000per sq feet. Today it is around 5%00 per sq feet. I had done my registeration soon after doing the booking. Afterwards i realised builder has got cc only till 07 floor.

    Two years have passed my booking and still no CC as per the builder. My doubt is

    Can a property. after doing stamp duty & registeration in my name be sold to some one else. Since the builder may get more value ?

    How registeration can be done if CC is not available. If tomorrow cc is not sanctioned. Will I get refund of my Stamp Duty and regisetration amount.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re : Need clarification ?

    Hi nevil_m,

    Its really disheartening to know what has happened with you.

    Depending upon my limited knowledge, pertaining to any real estate transaction, the main duty lies on the shoulder of the "BUYER" as his hard earned money is on stake.

    I wonder if you have checked that he has clearnce certificate for even the build floors or not!!!!!

    Please refer back to "Contract" signed with the "Builder/Developer", he may have stated certain time period for the completion of the project. You can can claim. One more thing you should refer to: in the contract, he may have specified some penalty to pay, in case the project is not completed in time.

    Please refer to your lawyer who can look deeper into the legal aspects and make you understand.

    IMO, it should be duty of every prospective buyer to entail services of a property lawyer while entering into any sort, ANY SORT, of property transaction.

    Do reply, if any advancement is made in the required direction. I will be delighted to walk along with you.



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      Re : Need clarification ?

      I think,
      Parul is right. I will suggest you to consult a property lawyer in this situation and get the document and the contitioned checked by him only. This is important for you to decide about the further steps in this case.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?