It is like blocking tickets to a flop show.

In India , every one seem to be seriously investing in real estate and buying properties left right and center.

What is missing is people who can 'divest'.

To sell your property, you have to find some one with the

- cash / earning
- desire to reinvest
- has a pressing need to OWN a property
- and most importantly, ignorant of basic economics
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  • That is a good question. Infact that is the reason we refer to the profits in RE as "on-paper". This term is often used a lot in this forum as well. I am not suggesting that nobody makes actual profits in RE. There are number of smart dudes who have mastered the entry-exit factors and are making loads of money. The above question will kill people who have entered the market late or are just plain greedy. If one flat goes out for x amount in a particular area does not necessarily mean the rate of that area is x. Tomorrow if 1000 flats come up for sale (especially Investor flats ) in that area the rate will defi be less than x. Assuming your flat will always go for x or x+ is as you said is plain ignorance of basic economics and demand vs supply theory.