Hi all,
I see brokers put false facts on property websites to just get inquiry..
like.. Under-construction property they show as completed project..eye catching low price...

When you call them, they say.. ladke ne galati se wrong info daal di.. or typing mistake ho gayi etc...

Even few big builder's under construction projects are shown in completed section although those projects are around 2 years away for possession...

Any thought??
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  • yes it is done deliberately by unprofessional Brokers to attract buyers.
    even for RENT.... they mentioned fully furnished flat , when asked, reply was" Aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta, ye raw flats ka rent hai."

    Hud hai....
  • Yes Cookie.. and they think person calling is and idiot.. will take their this excuse.
  • Well Mr, Ashok, isnt this phenomenon everywhere, make false claims to attract customers...I saw on 99 acres that brokers even go to a point of putting false prices, like 2 cr for a 200 sqyd apartment in South Delhi :D...I mean all they are doing is wasting efforts, there own effort and of the people who are looking to buy one, and in the process, these brokers dont realize that they give the whole property buying business a slighty grey color. I mean just imagine you want to buy something, you go to a broker, and the first thing you get to know about that person is that he lied to you....LMAO
  • This is to attract bakras. when they put attractive price /offer on sites, people get attracted and call and meet them. This way they filter 99% other brokers/party.Once you reach them, they say that deal was just sold 1 hour back and they can show you something else. So this tactic is to bring you to their office and then sell something else. And this is working also.