I have received my buyer agreement and have been asked to sign both the copies and return back to DLF.

Will they then sign as well and send one copy back to me as I am confused that they asked me to send both copies and I will be left with no agreement.

Can some one please confirm what happens once I sign the agreement and send it back to them.

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  • This is the normal procedure of BBAs. You will get one copy back duly signed by company's authorized signatory.
  • Cheers Krazy Yuppie.

    I thought the same but just wanted to confirm.
  • A small doubt.

    I got the agreement quite late as it was stuck in post and its already over the 30 day limit written in the contract. i.e. This has to be signed and sent back within 30 days of letter which was dated 8th Jan. Shall I ask for a new set?