has the recent crash in gold prices has again reinforced Real estate as the safest bet for investment?
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  • Gold prices will rise again..! i hope and believe in it.
    But still the real estate business is always good.
  • These kind of investments are always pretty volatile, so it is always advised to split your portfolio. Some day one of your investment would not perform well but others would compensate for it.

    Coming to the point, deciding better investment just based on one fall is not a good technique. Property has also seen many downturns, and given its investors nightmare many times in past.
  • invest in property not in the gold it is quit good for you ..
    investment in gold may caused loss you ]
    be open your eyes. before took the action...
  • It depends upon the investment capital. For ex. you can invest 2-3 lacs in gold but difficult for RE. Investing in RE is always better as it is able to fetch monthly cash flow & capital appreciation. Also its easy to preserve RE than Gold. No security expenses.
  • It is impossible to know the real value of gold, it depends on what the next person is willing to pay(greater fool theory). RE on the other hand is easy, if the price of the property is 3-5 times average annual income of people near the location and the rental yield is at least 5% more than inflation go for it. In other words, right now avoid RE in India and avoid gold at all times. :)