I have a Q regarding buying apartment for renting by selling plot vs keeping the plot for appreciation in future.If I sell a plot I can buy three 2BHK apartments in decent area and will get 10 k rent each in Bangalore. which option is better keep plot or get monthly income ?
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  • from my opinion buying flats and get monthly income from it's rent.
  • Its a personal choice, but you should answer the following questions to yourself
    1. Do you need the 10k p.m. for additional expenses?
    2. Did you do your own calculation comparing plot appreciation vs. flat appreciation (and payout)? In my opinion land always appreciates more than flat, so unless you do some rough projections, it is difficult to decide which is better.

    Hope this helps.
  • Plot: High Risk High Gain
    Apartment: Low Risk Low Gain

    I would think in the below manner:

    1) If you don't have appetite for high risk: Go for apartment
    2) If you have appetite for high risk but looking for stable stream of income: Go for apartment
    3) If you have appetite for high risk and have a good amount of stable income from other sources (jobs etc): Go for Plot
  • Agree with nMehra.
    Also, you could mix both plot and apartment if you have the option to invest in multiple properties.