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Best banks for long term/short term


Best banks for long term/short term

Last updated: January 16 2010
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  • Best banks for long term/short term

    Can you guys suggest good banks for either 10 year or 15 year tenure? I think it will be different for both.
    I have inquired and PSUs are better and offer good deals
    Between the rest BOB and Pnb seem to be good because

    SBI - Delay in processing, Indian bank - Higher interest after 20 lacs and no festival offer now, Canara bank - Higher rates after 5 years and 0.25% more interestfor second home

    Also how much is the delay or processing time in SBI

    Between BOB and PNB, PNB is offering 8.5% for 3 years and in short term upto 3 years, intersts are likely to go up. Hence this looks a better deal than BOB whose interest rates are not fixed even for a couple of years. BOB interest is likely to increase as RBI directives indicate

    I have two concerns with PNB

    1. I know sometime back they were charging upto 1% more interest rate for secod homes, not sure if they can re-introduce such rates again. Think BOB never charged more for second home
    2. PnB offer BPLR - 2%, but their current BPLR is 11%. BOB offers BPLR - 3.25% and their current BPLR is 12%. So if both BPLRs are same in future , which was the case couple of years back, then after three years I may be paying about 1.25% more interest rate with PNB.

    Anybody has any experience with PNB. I feel they will not overcharge their existing customers as they have good reputation. But share your experience and also suggest if anything else like LIC is better. Also can I pay some part of principal and continue to be in PNB, but get lower rates as a new customer in a different branch in future?
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    Re : Best banks for long term/short term

    Nationalize banks

    I suggest Nationalised banks are more preferable than any private sector banks. Nationalised banks always under government eyes and risk of market is lesser than Private. Go to SBI, Bank of Baroda, Punjab national bank


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      Re : Best banks for long term/short term

      Go for BOB. Best bank with ease of working. No private banks.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?