My society is being redeveloped by a builder in central Mumbai, the builder is giving 30% free extra space to all the existing flat owners. Anybody who wants additional area apart from free extra space can take either take either 100 or 150 square feet only as per the society and the builder. It was stated by the society vide a notice to all members that no body can buy more than 150sq. ft additional area. There was a cut off date also mentioned to submit the said requirements.
I had opted to buy additional 150 sq.ft. apart from the extra free space. The builder has now circulated a proposed development plan in which I have been allotted only 125sq. ft. additional area as against my request for 150sq.ft.
There were certain anomalies cited by me as under, in the proposed plan :

    I have been allotted 25sq.ft lesser additional area than requested for.
    Certain members, who had asked for 150 sq.ft have been allotted 160 to 170 sq.ft, which is more than the cap of additional area set by the builder.
    Society members who had not requested for additional area in the initial request sent by the society have been allocated additional area in new plan.
    As per the new plan, in the 2BHK flat that I have been allotted, there is only one combined toilet bathroom, at the initial phase of our interactions with the builder we had requested the builder that One Combined toilet bathroom would be very inconvenient for a working family like ours and had requested to provide two toilet bathrooms in a 2 BHK flat. A few 2BHK flats which are slightly bigger have been provided two separate toilet bathrooms.
    Kindly advice what can I do to get my requests materialized from the society & builder. My requests to the society are as under:

      I need a flat bearing extra area between 150 sq ft. to 200 sq. ft. apart from the extra free space provided by the builder.
      The new flat should have two toilet bathrooms.
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