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Form 26QB


Form 26QB

Last updated: September 20 2013
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  • Form 26QB

    I require help filling the form 26qb:

    Total value of property: Rs. 1 cr
    My portion of payment: Rs. 40 lacs
    Bank Loan: Rs. 60 lacs paid by bank

    Date of payment of my portion: September 1
    Amount paid: Rs. 40 lacs - 1% of Rs. 1 cr = Rs. 39 lacs [I have deducted TDS on the entire property value from my portion as the bank does not deduct TDS]

    Date of bank payment: September 7
    Amount paid: Rs 60 lacs

    How do I fill:

    Payment type: Lumpsum/installments
    Amount Paid/Credited to Sellers:

    Tax Deposit Details
    Total Amount Paid/Credited
    Please enter TDS rate (in %)
    TDS Amount to be paid

    Date of Payment/Credit
    Date of Tax Deduction
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