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Invest Now or Wait


Invest Now or Wait

Last updated: June 21 2007
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  • Invest Now or Wait

    It has been seen that the price of properties are going on increasing in gurgaon with a great pace. Now a days the property's price shot high...Should i invest in property in gurgaon now or should wait for some more days.
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    Re : Invest Now or Wait


    I personally think that the more you wait, the lesser you make. So its never too early to invest. Now the question arises, where to invest. Let me share my personal experience.

    Based upon my personal opinion, I think Faridabd is the best and only way to go in the NCR (National Capital Region) if you are really willing to get the best out of your investment. I am based in US and am working as a S.W professional and have plans to settle down in India soon. I did substantial research and finally ended up investing in Status Expandable Villa in Sector 49, Faridabad in 2005. The prices have extremely gone up since then and am very happy and satisfied with the choice I made. Especially, as the city continues to develop with all the upcomming malls and other places of commercial interests, the prices are bound to go up a lot more. So my piece of advice for your peace of mind is FARIDABAD.

    By investing in Faridabad, you can easily double-tripple your investments over the period of time. Especially with the common wealth game comming up in 2010. Atleast that is what I have been experiencing. I made my investment around the end of 2005 and started to see the results in the begining of 2006 and the trend has continued since then, as Faridabad continues to grow and develop.

    That's my 2 cents of suggestion.

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!
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      Re : Invest Now or Wait


      Dear Chopra,

      Thanks for your valuable suggestions .Actually i need these for Gurgaon . If You have any idea about gurgaon properties then please give me your realistic suggestions about Gurgaon real estate.
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        Re : Invest Now or Wait

        Hai Vikas,

        In my opinion you should wait for 2-3 months before investing in any property as the affect of rise in home loans will take some time. Property consultants in the City expect the real estate prices to fall by 10 to 20 per cent in the coming months due to lean demand following the hike in home loan interest rates among other factors.
        Experts are of both views that rise in home loan rates will not affect as well as it will affect.
        In my opinion there can be two situations only either the property prices will go down as expected by some experts or it will be the same as is at the moment.

        So beware of the investments in property at the moment.


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          Re : Invest Now or Wait

          Thanks Jack

          Dear Jack,

          Thanks a ton for your golden suggestions.I am also expecting the same thing as you suggested me.Let's see what happened.


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            Re : Invest Now or Wait

            hello vikas,
            The current real estate scenario in india is very low.The market is not going to escalate within 3-6 mnths due to high infalation rate and home loan interest rates.According to my opinion this is the right time to jump in and have a smart invstmnt.But be sure for one thing that is your retaining capacity as the liquidity will be there in not less then one year.


            Have any questions or thoughts about this?