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Property exchange In India soon


Property exchange In India soon

Last updated: February 22 2007
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  • Property exchange In India soon

    Property exchanges, that are widely prevalent in real estate sector abroad, have arrived in India. A property exchange enables investors to buy and sell property - whether online or offline-apart from bringing in the concept of liquidity into the market.

    Property pundits opine that on parameters like safety and loss making, investment in real estate has always scored higher than stocks or gold. It is liquidity that has been an area where the sector takes a beating as compared to other investment avenues. Property exchanges hope to capitalise on the investment opportunity by taking care of this factor.

    While trading in property through local dealers and websites is widely prevalent, a property exchange does more than just that. It not only offers trading in a much more organised manner, it also offers an index of property rates across the country.

    The aim is to bring in small investors (those who want to invest as less as Rs 10,000) into the loop, enable them to reap the benefits of the real estate boom. Further, liquidity will bring in transparency into the sector as well as secured returns to investors.
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