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How to buy home sweet home


How to buy home sweet home

Last updated: March 7 2007
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  • How to buy home sweet home

    Buying a home does not only mean liking a home and doling out money for the same. It requires checking out a number of other things including inspecting the home, location and a lot of legwork but searching for a home remains the most significant of all.

    Here are some useful tips for my buddies scouting a good dwelling unit:

    Before you start your search for a home, you must at least make up your mind about the neighborhood you want to live in. If you’re migrating, then you must choose a neighborhood that is close to your workplace or your child/s’ schools. There are so many different factors that can influence your choice and ultimately it all depends upon you. Once you make up your mind where you’d like your real estate to be located, here’s what you must do:

    * Always look up real estate online classified listings on real estate portals first. The online classified ads on the Internet cover a vast area and real estate portals that cover numerous localities in different countries. You can try out niche neighborhood online classified ads too by running up a search on your favorite search engine. These online classified ads will not only give you an idea of the real market value in an area, they may land you with a super deal. On web portals, you can see the pictures of the property and you can figure out their location in a jiffy because the map will be given – this feature is missing in newspapers.

    * Newspaper ads are a good source of information and many newspapers publish property pullouts or supplements, which clue you on to registration fees, taxes, mortgages, etc.

    * Plan your finances well in advance. If you’re taking a loan, choose your preferred lender beforehand.

    * Next in line are real estate brokers. If you run a scan on the Internet you will most likely find a reputed real estate broker who has published his listings online. Contact him and dig for more information.

    * Now make a list about things to ask when you actually establish telephonic or Internet.
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