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Location Location Location : How imporatant it is ???


Location Location Location : How imporatant it is ???

Last updated: February 27 2008
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  • Location Location Location : How imporatant it is ???

    Location: The Most Important Questions Every Buyer Should Ask

    It's a maxim in real estate that the three most crucial factors in selecting a house are "location, location, location." It's also true! No matter how wonderful the house is, the location is key to how well you'll like living in it and how well it sells when you're ready to move on. Before you buy, carefully check the following factors to be sure the house you like is really the one you want to live in.

    Consider destinations
    • Where will family members go most often from this new location?
    • How easy is it to reach those places from the house?
    • How accessible are schools, temples, grocery stores, medical care, public transportation, shopping malls and emergency services?

    Be sure rooms have a view
    • What is the view from the house?
    • What uses are possible for nearby undeveloped land?
    • Is a new road or commercial development planned?

    Check around the clock
    • Is rush hour traffic a problem?
    • What will be the impact of special events such as weddings in the nearby banquet hall or exhibitions on the open grounds opposite your home ?
    • Crash test the driveway and the car park. How easy is it to get into and out of the driveway or your stilt parking ? If you have a big car or SUV, small parks will be a strict no-no.

    Be service conscious
    • What utilities serve the property?
    • Are the rates competitive?

    Visit the neighbors
    • How will you fit in with the neighbors?
    • Do people seem to be friendly?
    • Are apartments and the buildings well-maintained?

    Read the fine print
    • Make a list of the positive and negative aspects of each property as you tour it.
    • Assign priorities to important elements of the house's location.
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    Re : Location Location Location : How imporatant it is ???

    Re:Location Location Location : How imporatant it is ???

    Very nice post.Its very true location plays a vital role for deciding where to invest.One should look at a broad range of possible destinations and weigh up the balance of both risk and reward when making their final decision.But its a very subjective topic to comment.Different people have different preferences when it comes to deciding on a location.It is a very subjective decision whereas investment can be viewed objectively because of its inherent measurability in monetary terms. Anyways, the answer is easier to come by than you may think. Lots of research has been done on this topic and the consensus is that cities that are already on the growth path is likely to move up the ladder far faster than those that have yet to get their place in order. For example, if you were a Malayalee and wanted to invest inside Kerala you will want to invest in either Kochi or Trivandrum as opposed to say Thrissur or Palakkad. This is inspite of the fact that the real estate costs are far higher in the first two towns!But one should do a deep market research befor investing anywhere and repenting later on.
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