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Beware Jaaydaad.Com – A Real Estate Opportunity?


Beware Jaaydaad.Com – A Real Estate Opportunity?

Last updated: April 2 2007
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  • Beware Jaaydaad.Com – A Real Estate Opportunity?

    The Company: Jaaydaad.Com – Global Infocom Ltd.

    Sometime back, we came across a Real Estate Group (Global Infocom Ltd, based in New Delhi), being promoted by some Mr. S K Jain, claiming to have 10 years of experience in the domain of software development and internet.

    The company further claims that, “ is the largest real estate network, deals in sales and marketing of all real estate related products & services through its different platforms.”

    Some more excerpts from the founder, “There is no competition to because of the range of innovative products. While other mushrooming portals are just property shops, is the big Mall where stakeholders of real estate find one stop real estate marketing solution."

    The Opportunity:

    Recently, launched a real estate magazine and then came up with a strange “Franchise Model” and lured many real estate agents to look into their opportunity and invest as a franchisee.

    Well, some of the “not so internet savvy’ real estate agents like me, did get into their trap and ended up paying them Rs. 1, 50,000 (USD 3333), hoping to generate more business through their so called ‘revolutionary website model”. Not to mention, there were other sorts of expenses involved too.

    So here I am, a proud franchisee, having lost all the money and not been able to generate a single lead from them.

    I was better off paying a paltry fee to a listing based real estate site and advertising in the local newspaper; which helped me procure some new customers and kept the business going.

    I am sure there are many other agents out there who have lost their money and feel cheated. Thanks to the judiciary of this country that the promoters of will walk away silently without any liability.

    While I write this note, a lot of questions disturb me.

    1) What did charge the money for?
    2) What sort of a ‘branding’ did they have in the first place? Who knows
    3) Did they provide any operations assistance?
    4) What sort of a web support did they provide?
    5) How do they blatantly claim that they are the best and class apart from others?
    6) Did they provide any sort of guarantees in terms of generating business?
    7) Did they direct any new customers to the franchisees?

    They talk about a “franchise model”. Was this about selling burgers (MacDonald’s) or apparel (Reebok). I guess we are referring to the real estate industry where a typical franchise model would never work, unless the right kinds of systems are put in place.

    A Disgruntled Franchisee.
    Jaaydaad banayee Nahi........ Sirf Lootaiyee? l
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    Re : Beware Jaaydaad.Com – A Real Estate Opportunity?

    Checklist of Information to Secure from a Franchisor

    It's really sad.

    Friend, I do not know how to help you (and maybe many like you who might be undergoing the same plight as yours) ........

    I've tried in my own way to do some research so as to make many like you careful before investing money in such frivolous business ventures, without the right knowledge.

    Checklist of Information to Secure from a Franchisor

    Use this checklist when doing your own investigation and information gathering.
    • Is the franchisor a one-person company?
    • Is the franchisor a corporation with an experienced management that is well trained?
    • Does the franchisor operate a business of the type being franchised?
    • Is the franchisor involved in other business activities?
    • Is the franchisor offering you an exclusive territory for the length of the franchise?
    • Can the franchisor sell a second or third franchise in your market area?
    • Will the franchisor sublet space to you?
    • Will s/he assist you in finding a location for franchise operation?
    • Does the franchisor provide financing? If so, what are the terms?
    • Does the franchisor require any fees-other than those described in the offering circular-from the franchisee? If so, what are they?
    • Has the franchisor given you information regarding actual, average or forecasted sales?
    • Has the franchisor given you information regarding actual, average or forecasted profits?
    • Has the franchisor given you information regarding actual, average or forecasted earnings?
    • In the event you sell your franchise back to your franchisor under the right of first refusal, will you be compensated for the goodwill you have built into the business?
    • Does the franchisor have any federally registered trademarks, service marks, trade names, logotypes and/or symbols?
    • Are you, as a franchisee, entitled to use them without reservation?
    • Has the franchisor investigated you carefully enough to assure himself/herself that you can successfully operate the franchise at a profit both to him/her and to you?
    • Does the franchisor have a reputation for honesty and fair dealing among the local firms holding his/her franchises?
    Other important Questions
    • What is a description of the franchise area offered you?
    • What is the total investment the franchisor requires from the franchisee?
    • Will your franchisor provide you any training?
    • What is the extent of the training the franchisor will provide for you?
    • What are the terms of your agreement regarding termination, modification and renewal conditions of the franchise agreement?
    • Under what circumstances can you terminate the franchise agreement?
    • If you decide to cancel the franchise agreement, what will it cost you?
    • What are the background experience and achievement records of key personnel (their "track records")?
      How successful is the franchise operation? (Use reports or magazine articles to supplement information the franchisor gives you.)
    • What is the franchisor's experience in relation to past litigation or prior bankruptcies?
    • What is the quality of the financial statements the franchisor provides you?
    And most importantly, exactly what can the franchisor do for you that you cannot do for yourself?

    G D LUCK


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      Re : Beware Jaaydaad.Com – A Real Estate Opportunity?

      Dear friend,

      I guess, you didn’t do your home work well enough? Well, don’t loose heart. Here is what you need to keep in mind when you are ready to take the plunge into something else. – Another franchise that works for you.

      How to find the right fit – Buying a franchise that works for you.

      If you have taken a major leap of confidence and decided to test the waters, how do you know if this is the right franchise for you?

      There are a number of elements in making the major decision. Each of these elements is vital and, if you are honest with yourself and realistic with you expectations, you are likely to succeed.

      PART 1: YOU

      1) Your personality and skills are vital to the success of your business endeavor. Your strengths and weaknesses can help you to succeed or assist you to fail.
      2) Discuss the opportunity with your family members, and close friends. Getting external help can help you better clarify and quantify your strengths and weaknesses.
      3) Are you inspired enough? You need to work hard in the business, not matter what it is. You have to wakeup every morning inspired by what you are doing. You have to be positive with all your staff and inspire them.
      4) Don’t make the mistake that you will hire someone to do things you hate.
      5) Try not to change your personality to suit your business. It is easy to get into a business without stopping to see if this business really suits you. This part is the key to the long term viability of your business.

      Part 2: Realistic Expectations

      1) When most people decide to run their own business, one of the major driving thoughts is that this will lead to being rich. The reality is you cannot expect a business that costs you $ 20,000 to generate $ 200,000. That is why it is very important to understand what type of return you need to make to sustain your current lifecycle.
      2) Breakdown your current spending and be realistic about what you need now and what you will need in the near future.

      Part 3: Do you own Business Plan

      1) How long will you have to wait until the business starts being profitable and do you have enough cash flow to sustain you over the initial period of growth?

      2) Wages – Yours and your staffs. Get advice from other franchisees and accountants on this.

      3) Royalties that you have to pay.

      4) Self-Promotion – Even though most brands have a marketing levy, that normally is for general brand awareness. How much will you have to do yourself in your local area, both at launch and ongoing. Very rarely you can rely on the marketing levy to give you all the exposure that you need.

      6) Self –Training – Does your franchisor provide you with ongoing training or should you get a business coach?

      7) Then you have to look at the business plan and your financial position.

      One thing though about buying a franchise business – the more you put in the more you will get out. A lot of business models will give you an opportunity to create an excellent income but they are not guaranteed.

      The success of any business is always subject to the franchise. If your work hard and follow the directions given you have a very high chance of success and positive financial outcomes.


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        Re : Beware Jaaydaad.Com – A Real Estate Opportunity?


        Indeed a very familiar discussion that I read through.

        As an independent consultant, I have in the recent past thoroughly analyzed the business model, the revenue model and prospecting model of Jaaydaad. I have also interacted on the phone with some of their executives.

        My first impression -- ' NOBODY HAD A CLUE ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE / WERE PROPOSING". All they were able to repeat was they are the leaders..... My question was how could you be the leader if you just started yesterday.

        Vey unimpressive presentation by them. I did not fall for it.. on the contrary, I advised many of my friends to see through the whole thing.

        It is sad that you fell for it.
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          Re : Beware Jaaydaad.Com – A Real Estate Opportunity?

          It was very bad but thanks for informing us. I will ensure, none of colleagues of friends falls for it.
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