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SEZs Defrozen


SEZs Defrozen

Last updated: April 13 2007
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  • SEZs Defrozen

    Central Government at last lifted the 3 month old freeze by after building in crucial safeguards designed to take the sting out of the political resistance facing the duty- free enclaves.

    In a revamp of the SEZ policy, the GoM has allowed the ministry to notify 83 projects where land has been acquired. Besides, it has paved the way for processing the remaining applications and for the notification of others as and when they acquire land with clear title deeds.
    So far, 234 SEZs have been approved and 63 notified, while 171 proposals are awaiting notification to become operational. With 83, which are likely to be notified after the meeting of the board of approvals soon, there will be 88 which will still be in line. There are another 162 zones which have received first stage clearance, while over 300 proposals are to be taken up by the BoA.
    But the move that will affect all developers the most is the new processing area norms. The government may, however, adopt a flexible approach for zones which have already been notified. Sources said they could be exempted from the provision if they approached the BoA with a request.
    The move will reduce the land that developers can allot for building residential units, hotels, schools, roads, power units and water and sewage treatment plants. In the coming weeks, the government also intends to review the list of permissible activities that qualify as non-processing work.

    SEZ is one of the most debated topic in the Parliament now a days with left parties demanding aginst SEZs in India. Parliment is already partitioned in to 2 parts: One group is in favor of SEZ and the other against. So Wat do you think? SEZs should be established in India thus by creating thousands of job and economy growth by direct foreign investment or it should not be established and farmers and other poor people should be spared their land.
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    Re : SEZs Defrozen

    SEZ Policy, Merits vs Demerits

    SEZs are the best solution in the path of economic growth. But that growth would not be worth if there will be no proper SEZ policies and if farmers will not be properly remunerated for the land on which SEZs are going to built. As if a particular class of people will only grow in any country then we cant say that the country is growing. So poor farmers should be recompensed and government should give them some work so that they can carry a smooth life without any hurdles. Those who are against the SEZs argue that giving tax breaks to SEZs is not a good idea. They are also against acquisition of fertile agricultural land as it will make many farmers landless.

    I completely agree with the fact that SEZs are an important factor in the growth of Indian Economy. To compete with china in economic growth SEZs can be important. So proper policy towards SEZ's with due care being taken for poor farmers will definitely help India to achieve its economic goal.


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      Re : SEZs Defrozen

      SEZ Policy - For or Against

      Hello to all of you,

      I agree with you Mohit that there are both merits as well as demerits of SEZs. There is no doubt that SEZs are the way to the economic development of India, but there is no benefit if a particular part of the society only moves forward in the path of development, so we should take everyone with us. Then only India can be a developed country.

      Social Activist Medha Patkar claimed, the Central Government's move to approve 83 tax-free enclaves for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) status is against the spirit of the Constitution. "The decision on SEZs is against the spirit of the Constitution of India. How much of land will be allotted to a single company is not explained by the government," Patkar said.

      She termed the new policy as 'wrong and weak', saying it was against the interests of peasants.

      In my opinion there is an urgent need to rethink about the SEZ policies. If the same policies will be implemented then I am completely against this SEZ policy as this will be the against the interests of Poor Farmers and Peasants.

      So on which side you are? SEZ policy - For or Against


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?