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Residential or commercial property ?


Residential or commercial property ?

Last updated: April 26 2007
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  • Residential or commercial property ?

    If anyone wants to invest in real property, which is better option, residential or commercial property in India? Trying to get an idea from you all forum members as many of you are specialist of the industry and others too having some or the other type of involvement n idea of the current market.
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    Re : Residential or commercial property ?

    To make investments is no simple task!!!

    Hi Misthi!

    Your question is definitely not as simple as it sounds to be. This is one of the concerns that bothers property enthusiasts the most. However, I will say that both the residential and commercial property in India are drawing large interests from investors.

    Choosing any of them depends upon personal requirements and the kind of returns they offer. As such, more and more property investors are turning to commercial property especially office spaces and shops. It certainly renders them an opportunity to diversify their buy-to-let portfolios and helps to secure income stream that comes from having high-quality tenants on long leases.

    And for investing in residential property, it is a complete different scenario and requires a certain amount of investment and area knowledge.


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      Re : Residential or commercial property ?

      Thanks Rex

      Its true as most people like you advocate investment in commercial property especially while considering the present boom in commercial sector with more n more national and multinational companies taking interest in Indian market .

      But I would seek some explanation on 'personal requirements' you talked about. If one's purpose is investment only then what could be the personal interest? An investor looks for profit ultimately.

      I do not have that much of the Industrial knowledge, but would like to know about it


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?