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Forcing for redevelopment


Forcing for redevelopment

Last updated: February 20 2019
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  • Forcing for redevelopment


    I live in Ahmedabad in co-operative housing society basically flats. Since 2014 society secretary and chairman forcing us to go for redevelopment. Society had original construction of 1 BHK however many members including me had done reconstruction and my current existing flat is 3 BHK.

    When we opted for reconstruction, society secretary was in our favor and my work was done. He also assisted me and everyone to complete impact fee procedure in order to legalize reconstruction done however later on he is forcing us to go for redevelopment.

    We have utilized all our savings and other property to build this home and it is just six years. Our home is in Bank's custody as mortgage loan will be completed in 2025.

    During reconstruction he was sure that society will not go for redevelopment and accordingly we spent every penny but now society authority is against us.

    Society was built in 1975 approxly with 96 flats in 12 blocks.

    Almost 50 members had done over construction till to day.

    The builders who offering redevelopment promised to complete work in minimum 36 months.

    My concerns are as follows:

    1) In redevelopment I will get 3 BHK flat with less carpet area compared to existing one I have.

    2) Builder will pay rent 14 thousands per month till work is completed. Now in 14 thousands I will not get any property on rent to fit my current households in my area. For 1 BHK flat, I will be charged 11 thousands per month as a rent in my area.

    3) Builder pays 5 lacs money after completion of redevelopment for furniture purpose however I have to pay approx 4.5 lacs to complete my mortgage loan and release my flat.

    4) I have spent nearly 20 lacs for reconstruction which will go in waste as I will have to wait another minimum 3 to maximum 5 years for new flat with less carpet area in case of redevelopment.

    5) My family is big including my aged parents and an infant one year old. It will be very difficult to adjust for everyone to establish themselves in a small area flat on rent while reconstruction is going on.

    6) Society authorities had promised for legal step against me to take me in agreement for redevelopment however my home's is with nationalized bank till 2025.

    7) Society authorities are harassing me by visiting my home at odd times and baseless discussion in front of my family including telephone calls.

    8) I cannot bear loss of 20 lacs, 3 to 5 years on rent in small flat and this harassing from society authorities. If i would not have reconstruction earlier then I will have my another old property with 10 lacs which i have utilized in reconstruction of my existing home.

    I hope everybody will understand my concerns.

    Kindly provide me best suggestions to overcome my situations.
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