Nowadays , simplistic theme of decor is in vogue with people preferring use of low furniture. Whether it's those little stools, traditional modas, low chairs in the drawing room or living room or platform beds, furniture , which is barely a few inches in height from the floor, is in style. If you are one of those who admire the simple, yet elegant oriental decorating style, then you can go for this type of decor.

Not only is this simplistic theme unique, but it also adds a calm and serene touch to the home. As you create your oriental themed room, remember that this style is one where less doesn't mean that you are taking away from the theme. The oriental look can perk up any space. You may wish to turn just one corner into an oriental one or maybe an entire room. It would be wiser to build up your collection over time.

Traditional Japanese interiors are minimalist and functional. Only natural materials are used like natural fibre floor coverings called tatami mats. Colours found in natural materials like bamboo and stone are used to create a serene, calm environment. The furniture should be lower than the average height so that it flaunts an ancient look. Low seating, broader bases and darker colours should combine in perfect harmony to evoke the sensation . In addition to the furniture , there are a number of accessories that can help provide a Japanese flair to any room.

For example, sea grass mats are a great choice in a Japanese inspired room. These mats can be found at many international market stores or through online decorating sources, and can be a fairly inexpensive accessory. Lowwattage bulbs in ricepaper lamps add to the aesthetics. Silk fabrics featuring intricate embroidered patterns (like kimonos ) can be framed and displayed as art.

Screens like rice paper screens would definitely bring that oriental feel in. Screens are useful to provide separation between two areas, to block something unsightly in your room, or even just to put along a wall for decoration. Oriental is very much dominant as a theme and the collectibles for the living room need to have a great deal of impact. A traditional tea set from Japan looks nice on a sideboard and you might even want to drink green tea from it, from time to time.

Antique boxes, baskets, trunks, cabinets are functional collections for the bedroom. Oriental lamp stands are exotic collectibles fit for a grand dresser. Flooring is another integral factor of the oriental scheme. Adding area rugs to your oriental style room can add interest to the decorating scheme. The perfect flooring for an exotic and colorful style is sisal mats or oriental rugs in neutral colors.

Depending on your taste, you can even go in for traditional simple white rugs or natural fibre rugs. Another thing to consider is the correct lighting. Rooms need both overhead lights and softer lights besid the bed or sofa. Look for lighting that is bright with black painted wood or adorned with rice paper shades to augment the Asian decorating style. Finally, add a few candles to the room.

This truly adds the finishing touch to any orient-inspired room. Once the room is complete, you will be able to relax and enjoy the serenity of your new space. Wooden showpieces could be placed in specific orientation to create a combined light and shadow effect.
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