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Flooring tips! For new House.


Flooring tips! For new House.

Last updated: September 3 2013
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  • Flooring tips! For new House.

    Greetings all,
    i'm planning to lay vitrified tile for my living area of size 18'x11' (548x336cm); is it possible to get tile in large sizes as like marbles or granites. Please provide your valuable suggestions.
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    Re : Flooring tips! For new House.

    U can get sizes of 600 X 900 mm or 900 mm x 900 mm . Some Spanish & Chinese companies r offering bigger sizes than the above .

    Check the web for what is available .


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      Re : Flooring tips! For new House.

      Floored by the looks: Plentiful flooring options

      Many years ago at his New Delhi mansion, Lala Bharat Ram was in a ruminative mood and recalled the good old days when he used to host eminent artists at his home.

      "I always ensure that the flooring of my drawing room is well-maintained and spick and span. Any type of flooring remains good for decades if properly maintained," he once said.

      Most people go for the looks and feel and they have several options, at competitive prices, as manufacturers are becoming more adept at reproducing the look of natural stone or wood in laminate and resilient flooring versions.

      But it's hard to reproduce the warmth of solid hardwood or the solidity of stone.

      "If you have pets, or children between the ages of five and 16, you'll need a durable flooring material like hardwood, finished with a thick protective coating; a high-density , short pile carpet, possibly of commercial grade, polished concrete or hard-wearing non-porous tiles," Alimuddin Rafi Ahmed, the MD of ILD Group, says.

      Ceramic tiles are essentially clay tiles with a ceramic coating about 80 micron thick. Over a period of time, the coating withers away. But ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. A simple mopping is enough to keep them in good condition.

      They are best used in bathrooms and for the toilets. Laying them with proper packing is vital. Any gaps or vacuum underneath can have them breaking apart. Experts say that granite comes in slabs measuring 8'x 12' or in the form of tiles. They give an exciting look to floors. A floor laid using tiles cut from slabs has uniformity all over and looks beautiful. The watercut granite tiles are costlier but more durable.

      Sanjay Khanna, the director of Kailash Nath Projects, says: "As marble keeps the surroundings cool, people prefer that. It is a different matter that only the Marwad type is available these days, as quarrying has been prohibited."

      Mosaic tiles can be fixed over the existing cement flooring. You get green and white mosaic . Though they can be attractive , they bleach when citric acids fall on them. They also chip out and wear out fast. And talking about vitrified tiles, these tiles are the strongest among the manmade tiles and are scratch-resistant . They also have glossy finish. Semi-vitrified tiles have this quality only on the surface while fully-vitrified varieties have it across the section. The latter can be polished again and again to retain the original look. Vitrified tiles are easy to lay.

      Hardwood tiles are quite fashionable these days as they give an elegant look to your floor. But their maintenance is not that easy. Though they come with polyurethane coat, it hardly stays long and wears out fast. Termites can damage them and they are inflammable too.

      Bamboo is amazingly durable and much harder than traditional timber flooring.

      Bamboo has the same colour range as timber and most floors come fully dressed, so there are no sealing costs.

      This flooring, which gives the posh look of hardwood floors, does not have the shortcomings of the hardwood. They are manmade ones and they have strong surfaces that are scratch-proof . They are waterproof and fire-resistant as well.

      They come with an inbuilt inter-locking system which makes laying them easier. Maintenance is also easy.

      Natural stones are brilliant for longevity and can provide a timeless look. Limestone is the most widely used stone for internal use. Sandstone can be used and can look fabulous but it is very porous.

      Floored by the looks: Plentiful flooring options - The Economic Times
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        Re : Flooring tips! For new House.

        Cork Flooring

        Cork floor tiles are comparable to parquet but have added benefits of insulation against both temperature and noise. Cork is a soft fiber board available in planks and smaller tiles. It is practically alternative to wood flooring. This type of floor is soft, noiseless and has no allergic effect on the health of occupants of the house. Being soft in nature it saves the cost of carpeting. It is right choice to use this flooring in children’s room, family room, music room etc. Cork flooring is tough resilient, water resistant. It observes sound and provides acoustic excellence.

        Being highly abrasion resistant, this floor can also be used in offices, restaurants and shops etc.

        Before Laying Cork Flooring

        Base Coat under Cork Flooring

        Before you lay cork flooring the base coat should be laid as follows.

        -The earth should be compacted properly with the help of watering and ramming.
        -Sand piling should be done which helps to ensure proper compaction of the earth under floor.
        -Lay 100 mm thick fine sand on compacted earth.
        -After laying fine sand, lay 100 mm thick cement concrete in the ratio 1:8:16.
        -It must be ensured that the base coat laid is fully compacted by hand rammers or with surface vibrator.

        Leveling Concrete for Cork Flooring

        -A layer of leveling concrete should be at least 25 mm thick.
        -Cement concrete should be in the ratio 1:2:4.
        -It should be laid in proper slope and in level.
        -It should be perfectly compacted.
        -It should be cured for 7 days.

        While Laying Cork Flooring

        -After drying level concrete the surface should be cleaned.
        -Unpacked material used in cork flooring should be kept at room temperature at least 24 to 48 hours before installation of flooring.
        -Make sure that site temperature and humidity can be maintained within acceptable limits during cork installation.
        -Do not allow glued faces to contact each other.
        -Prepare layout on sub floor, determine and mark starting line (usually central).
        -Apply approved adhesive on starting area of the sub floor and allow these adhesive to dry before laying cork floor tiles.
        -Install tiles at the start with the help of a straight edge and continue gluing more sub floor as installation proceeds.
        -Trim cork floor tiles at walls as required and trim tiles to fit precisely at cabinets, fixtures, etc.
        -Sand floor surfaces (light to moderate) with a palm type vibrating sander and vacuum thoroughly.
        -Apply first coat of approved sealer (very thin) with a pad type applicator.
        -Apply a second thin coat of approved sealer about 3 to 6 hours following the first coat.
        -Apply a light to medium base coat of approved urethane 8 to 12 hours after the sealer and let floor rest for 2 days.
        -Scuff sand the floor surface as required and clean up thoroughly.
        -Apply a medium coat of approved urethane and then within 4 to 7 hours apply a final coat of urethane

        Advantages of Cork Flooring

        -Gives beautiful look.
        -Available in wide range of color such as green, red, and chocolate and black.
        -Elastic and anti static.
        -Soft in nature, saves the cost of carpeting.
        -Durable and insulated against sound, noise and temperature.

        Tools Required For Cork Flooring

        -Sharp knife
        -Measuring tap
        -Line marker chalk etc.
        -Putty knife
        -Carpenter’ square
        -Hand sander
        -Brush for applying sealer, glue and urethane.
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