Hi frends...

very soon ...i will be getting possession of my new 2bhk flat...
have no idea about wood work and interior to be done....

please pour in ur ideas ...about how to hire a good designer ,carpenter..what could be their ideal charges.....and how to deal with them..?

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  • If you're getting a lot of work done, then just hire a good designer. They'll have their own workmen, who'll do a better job than local free-lance carpenters, plumbers and painters.
    I got a lot of work done by contacting the labourers directly, but then I had to deal with them increasing costs half-way through a job, taking 2-3 times the time estimated, correcting their mistakes on my dime, and not getting very good finishing.
  • thanks offworldly

    yeah...me too thinks..that an assistance from some professional..will deafinatly end up many chaos....
    but still confused about their right charges and all........ And stuff like.....carpenter work ...do we can get dependent on them or must hire separate one and pay accordingly...how about selecting wood and all...........can someone ...who recently done with their home..cud guide me..with their exp....also please refer with good designers if have an experience..

  • I would be following this thread closely since I would come in your shoes pretty soon, hope to get some good suggestions and advices.
  • If you're getting a designer, they usually have their own regular skilled workers.

    Selecting material is usually up to you. You can use branded or local marine ply, or MDF, or teak...just tell the carpenter/designer what you want.
    I think it's better to buy the material yourself as you can be sure of what you're getting. Go to one of the bigger hardware/plywood stores next to your house and ask them to deliver what you need.
    Most carpenters/plumbers will buy inferior stuff if you ask them to source the wood. They will charge you more if you have your own material, as they get a commission while sourcing material.

    If you're getting a decorator, it's usually safe to let them do the purchases. They need to protect their reputations, so they're unlikely to get you inferior quality materials.
  • i mean....how to go about it......

    shall i first hire a designer ......and be dependent on him yet have to be vigilante about the material and all.or just follow his designs...and ideas and bring all.of myself and provide.....

    shall i hire a separate carpenter for wood work.or use their contractor...... please suggest guys....and again i request the people who have gone thru this process to please refere to me some good designer, carpenter and ur valuable tips:)

    thank U!!
  • Go to some flat made by a construction company like sushmabuildtech you will get an good idea and i am sure that you will like those flats a lot and will dream of living there.
  • mintee, did you managed to finalise or at least get some quotes for the work?
  • what is the right way to get work done in effective manner and budget friendly also
  • If you need to lots of work, it is better to hire an interior design agency. The best thing about this is that they will manage every works and they will be reponsible for everything.

    If you hire sperate indipendent professionals, you may run into troubles when there is an issue.Each professional may blame each other.

    Therefore, it is better to choose an agency or contractor.
  • Hlo , i want to share some tips while selection of a interior designers according to my views :-

    1.Firstly they should have a team of highly skilled interior designers .

    2. always try to raise the bar with every new design.

    3. always priorities their client's preference

    4. Importantly completely their work timely

    5. Give their best on a descent budget

    6. know proper ethics of interior designing

    for you i will prefers you to contact depanache interior because home interior designers in bangalore

    hope it will help you