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India Inc climbing Vaastu value chain


India Inc climbing Vaastu value chain

Last updated: May 18 2007
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  • India Inc climbing Vaastu value chain

    Move over consultants, researchers and brand builders. Corporate India is increasingly banking on Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui principles to perk up its balance sheet.

    And, India Inc is climbing the Vaastu value chain as it embraces magnetic fields, energy flow and pyramids that are seen as impacting company performance. Surprisingly, it is not just traditional Indian business houses that swear by Vaastu, but also new economy businesses like IT and ITeS.

    Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian philosophy of planning and architecture. Indian companies and MNCs do not mind shelling out a few lakhs to get the Vaastu right in their offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. “Many corporates, both Indian and multinational, want to ensure Vaastu compliancy for their new constructions.

    To rectify Vaastu flaws in existing constructions, they are even willing to go for remedial measures like placing pyramids, figurines of Laughing Buddha or changing the direction of coffers”, says chairman of Asipac group, Real estate and infrastructure consulting firm, Amit Bagaria.

    In fact, few companies are willing to demolish a part of the office or even change the location to ensure Vaastu compliancy. A leading software products company, after two quarters of bad results, is planning to shift its corporate office to a new location, as it believes that the Vaastu in the old office is not right, according to industry grapevine.

    While MNC companies are brushing up their Vaastu wisdom, traditional Indian business houses have progressed to the next stage where factors like magnetic fields, movement of the sun and energy flow are considered before beginning new construction.
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