Hello everyone !!!

Let's discuss the hottest subject of US subprime mortage crisis...vis-a-vis India and definitely its real estate industry.

When our central bank revised the CRR almost thrice in the past 18 months, it caused jittery all around. The banks raised loan rates in reaction and the real estate experts said that it will seriously hurt the demand.

But what a remarkable action RBI had taken to govern financial health of the economy that ways. If US's Federal Reserve would have followed steps like RBI, the mortage crisis could be prevented !!!

Well, the loan rate hike may have impacted Indian real estate but then it was saved of entering into a bubble zone...:)

What's your opinion guys..?
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  • Maybe your opinion counts, but eventually we all tend to think of our personal gains and this illustrates a hike in the rate of home loans means a lot of expenditure so this is bound to cause headache to all. I am sure despite of the brighter side of things you are seeing here most of the people would have a negative outlook to this, and as I am also in the league of paying out more I would agree with all who are facing financial crunch after the implementation of this decision.