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Many Questions related to Home Loan


Many Questions related to Home Loan

Last updated: April 18 2019
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  • Many Questions related to Home Loan

    i am a NRI and have recently bought a property in Greater noida. I have appl for a home loan with hdfc bank. The property is under construction and the loan will be disbursed as the builder demands in stages which are related to how much construction has finished.


    1. If my loan is approved today. Then builder puts in a demand after 3months. At that point i have my own funds and decide to pay for the demand myself. Similarly when the next demand comes, i am able to manage it from my own funds. Does it close my loan approval if i dont take any disbursement from bank. The loan sales person told that i have to take atleast one disbursement within 6months which must be equal to the full demand made by builder at that point. But i doubt it. Please suggest.

    2. Lets suppose i take the disbursement in the 5th month after the approval. So from the 6th month when i start paying EMI, this EMI will be on the whole amount of loan or just on the amount disbursed.

    3. If i take a disbursement from bank and then i am able to manage funds to repay the whole disbursement amount in within next 1 or 2 month or before next disbursement. Does it close my loan or it still stays alive and i dont have to pay any EMIs and when i take the next disbursement, it start again.

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