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RBI outlined restrictions?


RBI outlined restrictions?

Last updated: October 14 2009
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  • RBI outlined restrictions?

    Can anyone please suggests me the following?

    As per RBI guidelines can i bring out 100,000us$ per financial year as a immigrant to australia.(SHOULD I FIND A CHARTED ACCOUNTANT AND GET CERTIFIED for the source of amount and tax paid.) or can approach banks for getting the currency with the required forms filled up?

    RBI restricts not to send more than 5000us$ as gift or donations from indian residents for a fiscal year as outward remittance?On being more precise-can any number of indian residents send this 5000us$ to a single beneficiary abroad?For example can 50 different people sending 5000us$ to a single beneficiary account abroad-is it possible?what are the problems,please outline:
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    Re : RBI outlined restrictions?

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