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Home Loans <-> Real Estate


Home Loans <-> Real Estate

Last updated: January 16 2007
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  • Home Loans <-> Real Estate

    Greetings to all once again

    With the tremondous growth of Real Estate sector, the direct benefit is being taken by the Banks which are providing the home buyers Loans. In todays era most of the buyers are the new generation people who dont have that much bank balance to pay the money in one go. So they rather choose the second way i.e. "Home Loans".The maximum loan amount that banks normally offer is about 60% to 65% of the market value of the property.

    Home Loans can easily be payed back with the interest to the bank at regular intervals according to ones convenience. But one should be rather cautious while taking loans as sometimes it can cause hurdles. The paper work should be perfect rather than missing documents.

    Home loan approval: Lenders today are probably the biggest repositories of real estate information. Banks could use this to their and their customers’ advantage by counselling prospective buyers of approved properties.

    Moreover, since most buyers are also in the process of selling old homes, banks can help bring together buyers and sellers. I would rather say that bank customers in India have never had it better. All this is because of the competition in between the banks and the second and the most important reason is the "Real Estate Boom".

    Have A Good DaY

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