Dear friends,
I would like to inform the difficulties being faced with ICICI on getting document copies for the home loan availed by us from ICICI.
My son has taken a loan from ICICI bank about 4 months back and the UDS got registerted on 31/10/2008. Copy of the UDS registration certificate, which ought to have been given by the Bank to the borrower in the normal course of about 1 or 2 weeks from receipt of original from the Reistering authorities, was not given to us as well as other documents in possession with them including receipts for preEMI, loan sanction letter copy etc. When we go to their office for follw up, they ask for Rs. 450 per copy for the document treating this as our request for a second copy. This is not fair on the part of ICICI Bank in not, as a routine giving the first time copy to the borrower, and rather asking for charges as though it is an additional copy. We are liviing with this type of problem still, whereas, my own experience with another lender, HDFC is different. I took a home loan from HDFC about 12 years back and the document copies were sent by them to me on dot and even in some cases wherein I did not receive the copy in time, when I approached their office at Anna salai, Chennai, I was made to wait for a max. of 1 hour only and they gave the copy at no extra charge. This is the service levels we have experienced with HDFC and ICICI Bank with whom our family have dealt. Members may like to share their good/bad experiences.

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  • Thanks for sharing your experience with ICICI Bank. The more people complain in public forums like the better the chance that banks will start listening to as future clients (like me) will take notice and not go to ICICI Bank.

    I am a NRI and always did not like ICICI Bank as a banker becasue they think they are too big and can treat normal customers without respect and only deal with the HNI and more profitable customers.

    I work with a bank myself and can understand the frustration of customers but given that I live overseas I dont have to face the same hassles of going to the branch and deal with the agrressive staff there.

    However I am looking at a home loan at the moment and for me service is critical as I do not live in India and hence cannot visit the branch. I dont mind paying 10bp more on the loan but service is PARAMOUNT for me.
  • Wonder why do people even consider ICICI for loans.. they have the highest interest rates and a non existent service. Not to mention the most subversive loan contracts!
  • Truly said, At the first look when you observe ICICI bank, it seems like they are only doing business. But when you talk about real situation like getting loans and especially when you are an average person. They will eat every bite of your bread and butter.

    For them every customer is a bottle full of water and they have straws to drink all the water from it. They don't follow SIMPLE BUSINESS and MUTUAL GAINS. Absorb....
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your feedback. Which bank do you suggest for home loans?
  • Bank of Baroda
    My experience have really been wonderful, application can be made online and they have now global presence. Localized approach, yes you need patience a bit !
  • Originally Posted by avinasht
    Bank of Baroda
    My experience have really been wonderful, application can be made online and they have now global presence. Localized approach, yes you need patience a bit !

    I have also heard very good things on Bank of Baroda.

    I had interactions with BOB sales executives. It is very pleasant. They don't oversell the loan and don't bend the rules.

    They ultimately shot down my request for a inflated loan .

    "Sir, even though the salary amount is high, we still have to consider your lifestyle for calculating the eligibility. We don't want the customer to get pinched for paying EMIs"