Pre-launch or soft-launch is unlawful according to the Hon'ble Supreme court. Any selling activity done before Map approval, which is considered to be the final legal/technical approval for starting construction activity, is known as pre-launch/soft-launch.

I find this very similar to pre-approved loans. It means Home loan being approved without complete due-diligence from the builder/developer's side, but only on the merit of the customer. Thus it concludes that at any point of time, if the developer/builder falters in the project, the customer is in soup. He has to bear the full responsibility of the home loan whether or not he gets a home.

I would like to know, why pre-approved loans shouldn't be considered unlawful and the judiciary should ban it for saving common man. Readers are invited to put on their experience and thinking in favour or against pre-approved loan.
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  • hmmm

    yes in fact i have also seen some this pre launch cases....they start booking their flats and than close booking just in one or two days after the actual launch