I want many of you guys to be aware of this kind of situation, so I have posted the mail I sent to 'care@icicibank.com'.

For further details just Google 'HDFC home loan ECS returned unpaid'
People have also complained on Consumer complaint forums:

My mail:

'Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been a privilege customer of ICICI bank for more than 7 years. Recently a silly mistake done by an ICICI bank, Pune representative caused me an unnecessary fine to be paid to HDFC.
Few days back I had submitted an ECS Customer's mandate form to ICICI for authorising my account to debit a certain amount through ECS on 10th of this August. Everthing was done perfectly from my side. Yesterday I recieved a sms from HDFC home loan stating my 'ECS has been returned unpaid'. After getting the details from both the banks I came to know that ICICI bank had not initiated from their side and for that I had to pay unnecessarily a hefty fine.
Further, I googled about this issue and came to know that I am not the only guy having this issue. Many others have faced exactly the same problem and for these same banks.
Raising this issue to Consumer complaints and many other public forums wont resolve the isssue but atleast will make the Banks and people aware how the customers are treated. So I will be doing that.

Please let me know a permanent solution for this.'

Anyone faced similar issues do post here.
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