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Assert your rights

Last updated: May 8 2007
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  • Assert your rights

    Women for Good Governance and Sarokaar organised a one-day seminar on 'Women and Property Rights', on April 28, 2007. The seminar was held at the All-India Institute of Local Self Government at Andheri, and its aim was to create awareness among women about their property rights. The chief guest Ms. Flavia Agnes, advocate, who was also one of the many speakers.

    The seminar was divided into four sessions. The first session spoke about the general scenario of Property Law for women and offered simplified facts and tips. Ms Flavia Agnes stressed on property being an inseparable part of men and women's lives. She stressed that many a times, after several years of married life, women find themselves thrown out of the house by their kith and kin; therefore, she explained, it is very important for women to pay attention to property matters. She also stressed that women who are harassed should not leave home but get an 'Injunction' with the help of a lawyer. She covered the general property scenario at length.
    It is very difficult for a woman to seek justice in a Court while fees for the lawyers are so exorbitant and it takes years to get a hearing. Complete property right should be abolished or it should be equal.

    The second session covered the topic of property rights being denied to women, and ways to legally obtain those rights. The speaker, Advocate Y P Singh said that a legal battle would have to be fought by planning and there is no place for emotion and passion. He gave examples about non-cognisant crimes and how women can use preventive methods to make their arguments strong. He informed that the recent domestic violence act would help women in fighting for their property and other rights.

    The third session focused on the hurdles in the enforcement of law due to social taboos. Under Development Control Regulation, (SRA) a man will not get the property unless the wife's name is included.
    There is a proposal that if someone is buying property in the name of the wife, no stamp duty will be required to be paid. Women must learn to exert their rights if they want their "Denied Rights".

    The fourth session covered the importance of wills. The language used in the court is so complex that sometimes even lawyers are not sure what they are trying to convey and the whole process can be very time-consuming and expensive. Getting equal status is most challenging but women must learn to exert to get rightful status in the society. Every person must make a "Will".

    Three things should be taken care of while making a will: Clear intention, mentioning the property and two witnesses in front of whom "Will" has to be signed by the person who is making the "Will". No stamp paper is required to make a "will". He said a "Will" can be challenged under present laws if it is denying your legal rights.
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