The Delhi Cabinet has yesterday approved a draft of Municipal Corporation (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2007 for submission of the same to the Lt Governor and then to the centre for approval.

The basic thrust of the revised version of Chapter XVI is to promote self-regulation by transmitting the responsibility, for erecting a building in accordance with prescribed bylaws on the owner and the architect on record.

The owner who plans to construct buildings will not be required to approach the MCD either for sanction of the building plan or for obtaining the Building Use Permit or completion/occupancy certificate.

The government said the new bylaws will usher in an era of hassle-free construction “with transparency and openness”. Another feature of the Bill is that the Delhi Government is proposed to be vested with full powers in the matter of Building Regulations.
The approved draft of the Bill seeks to replace two chapters of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957—Chapter XVI on Building Regulations and Chapter XXI on improvements.

The new version of Chapter XVI contains provision considered necessary to accord with the requisite legal backup for promulgating new building bylaws in Delhi.

The new building bylaws will be finalized after amendments to Chapter XVI have been legislated.

Hope this would be giving ease to a common man to follow the building norms which had been made compulsory some time back in Delhi. This is a real relief for the people who were planning to build new constructions and had their plans dependent upon the MCD officers. Delhi Govt. has , I suppose ;) started to think about its residents.. Good moves
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  • How will this be implements?

    So we can see Architect fees going up!! What's the law to ensure that Architects does not give wrong approvals? Can they be barred from practice (in reality)?
  • They can be barred or not that will be revealed only after its approval by the centre. Though it could ease the process but to what extent is the question. What are the norms that will be added in the bill could be a question.
  • Architects may need some certification

    Could every architect will have power to approve the building plan? There could be some paramiters for the architect to be eligible to possess authority to pass the plan. According to me only those few architects who who fulfill the conditions (if defined) could handle the task. Architects may need some certification too
  • Whateever is the outcome..

    this move will definitely help. Less the govt intervention, better it is..
  • govt.intervention is necessary

    Less govt.intervention can not always be good. Along with handing over the resposibilities to these people i would appreciate if MCD keeps some rights back with itself or say some timely interference could also be there.
  • I am also an architect, i am practicsing from last 5years, this is to inform you that as an architect you have sound knowledge of local buidings by laws and there is no need of separate parameters for architect as he/she is already professionally qualified for it and if architect not followed the bye laws or misusing his power then he can be very easily barred from practice and if owner feel cheated then he can drag architect in consumer court. Secondly it is not mostly architect but owner who wants to enroach more and more floor area in his property and whcih also happen now that after completion certificate from local authority people illegally extend their building envelope.
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